5 Family Bonding Ideas for Fall

The scorching hot and humid days of summer are behind us and many are welcoming the crisp autumn air. Fall months are perfect for bonding with your family. This is the season for beautiful leaves, comforting meals, and some wonderful sweater weather. I’m sharing 5 family bonding ideas for fall so you’ll have some great ideas to get you started.

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Family bonding doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Especially in the fall! Nature is your best source of inspiration when it comes to family bonding ideas. So put down the tablets and cell phones and head outdoors to enjoy all the beauty that the fall season has to offer.

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Don’t Miss these Family Bonding Ideas for Fall

With a new season comes an entirely new set of family bonding ideas for you and your kids. Whether you choose to do one or all of these ideas, you are sure to see the benefits. 

1- Take a Fall Foliage Tour

The gorgeous colors of fall make for a wondrous sight. From rich oranges, reds, and yellows to touches of greenery, you are sure to find something that takes your breath away.

  • Take a hike as a family and focus on the changing leaves.
  • Go on a fall foliage drive through the country.
  • Take a fall foliage train ride.
Family Bonding Ideas for Fall | Renee at Great Peace #family #familybonding #familytime #fallfamilybondingideas #familybonding

Checking out the leaves is a great family bonding activity as it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into the great outdoors where you can enjoy some quiet time just taking in nature together. In fact, you can even collect some of the fallen leaves and make some really fun crafts with them.

2- Go Apple Picking

Many apple orchards offer the opportunity to get out there and pick your own apples. This is such a great fall family bonding activity.

Apple picking is a great way to get off the couch and get involved in a fun activity with your family this autumn. You’ll love the fresh outdoor breeze and some sunshine as well. And, not only will it get you all up and moving, when you get home you can make something delicious with those apples after. 

3- Navigate a Corn Maze

Visiting a corn maze is one of the best family bonding ideas for autumn. This is because you will rely on everyone to work together in order to navigate the maze. Just remember, mazes can be tricky, so you will want to ensure that it is age-appropriate for your children.

It is also a good idea to keep in mind that some Halloween themed mazes may be too scary for younger children so do your research before you set off on your family adventure.

Often farms set up fall festivals which include corn mazes. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one in your area.

4- Go Camping 

Camping in the fall is an amazing way to bond. Not only does the scenery act as the perfect background for a family camping trip, but your children will have fun letting go and getting back to nature.

In fact, camping also offers up a fantastic opportunity to unplug from technology and truly connect with your family.

5- Host a Chili Cook off

This family bonding idea helps to bring together not only your family but your extended family and friends as well. Invite everyone to make their favorite pot of chili.

You’ll need a fire pit and a large heavy bottomed kettle. Have each family reserve a small amount for taste testing. Then, the remainder gets placed in the large kettle. That’s right dump every chili recipe together! It’s actually super fun and tasty to combine several chili recipes into one pot.

Now, choose 3 people to be judges. They taste test each of the recipes and declare a winner.

But, the group as a whole enjoys the combined chili. Of course you’ll want to have sides like, cornbread, crackers, tortilla chips, sourcream, cheese, etc.

This is such a fun gathering of friends! And, set up various games around the yard for kids to play.

There are so many amazing family bonding ideas for autumn to chose from this year. Just get creative and remember to slow down and take it all in. 

Bonding with your family is important. Don’t neglect to purpose time together. These years go by so fast and it doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to ensure your family grows closer together rather than farther apart. 

Want More Family Bonding Ideas?

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5 Family Bonding Ideas for Fall

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