15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family Will Love

Getting together with your family in the evening or on the weekend creates family bonding. Because you’ll be building memories that last a lifetime.

Whether you prefer to keep it just your immediate family, or you host a get together for your best friends and their children, or a weekend with your cousins, you are going to want to ensure that you keep everyone entertained. 

15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family will Love | Renée at Great Peace #family #familybonding #familyactivities #ihsnet

There are several family time activities to do when your family is together, no matter what the reason or the season. You just have to get creative and prepared. 

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7 Indoor Family Bonding Activities 

1. Host a Family Board Game Night 

Family game nights are a fun way to connect and entertain everyone. Gather everyone around the table, serve snacks and play a fun board game together. 

2. Play a Game of Family Charades

Charades is a great game to play, especially when kids are involved. Choose some charade words, split into teams and start acting out the words you chose. This is a fun way to get some laughs in. 

3. Have a Movie Marathon Night 

Prepare some amazing snacks and tell everyone to come in their pajamas and bring their favorite blanket. Gather in front of the screen to watch a marathon of fun family movies. Just make sure you have enough seating for everyone. A blowup air mattress on the floor is great when it comes to providing additional seating for the kids.

4. Do Arts and Crafts

Gather some art supplies and have everyone create a beautiful craft. Things like popsicle stick picture frames and DIY name signs for kid’s doors are fun and creative crafts to make as a family. 

5. Host a Cooking Challenge

 Have families split into teams and take turns creating their favorite dishes. Have the children judge. The winning team doesn’t have to do the dishes. 


6. Have a Family Talent Show 

Have each family member display their talent to the entire group. Whether they sing a song, recite a poem, dance or even juggle, a talent show is a fun way to spend time together. 

7. Family Story Time 

Have everyone prepare a story before the get-together or choose their favorite story. Then gather in the family room. Have each person take turns reading or telling their story. Just make sure there are plenty of places to snuggle up. 

Outdoor Family Bonding Activities

8. Have a Hula Hoop Competition 

There is no better way to bring on the laughter than having a hula hoop competition. The person who can keep the hula hoop moving the longest wins. 

9. Have a Backyard Movie Night

Gather up some cozy blankets, delicious popcorn and a bunch of pillows and head out to the backyard for a movie night. 


10. Create an Obstacle Course

Use items you have around the house or in your garage to create an obstacle course in your backyard. Split into teams and see who can conquer the course with the best time.

11. Egg and Spoon Race

Balance an egg on a large spoon and race across the yard. The winner is the first person to reach the finish line with their egg still intact. This one can get a little messy though, so be prepared to hose people off. 

12. Have a Watermelon Eating Contest

What is more refreshing than watermelon? This delicious contest is sure to be fun to watch and fun to participate in. 

13. Have a Water Fight 

This one is perfect for those warm summer months. Equip everyone with a water gun or water balloons and get fighting. 

14. Set up a Funny Photo Booth 

Use an old sheet as a backdrop on a fence and have plenty of fun photo props for everyone to choose from. Take pictures together and get silly. 

15. Do Something Sporty

Split up into teams and participate in a game of soccer, basketball or football. Or, go out to the local ballpark and watch a game together.

There are plenty of family time activities to do together. These activities are sure to make your time together memorable and exciting. 

What does your family do during a family time? Do you do old fashioned traditional activities, or something new and modern? I’d love to know, tell me in comments.



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15 Family Bonding Activities Your Family Will Love

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