Family Breakfast Ideas

I’m finding that the older I get and the older my child gets that sometimes the best time to bond as a family is around the breakfast table. When it seems as if those years with our child at home are dwindling it’s important to purpose family time as much as possible. That’s why these family breakfast ideas will help you learn to enjoy time together around the breakfast table.

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In all honesty, breakfast has never been my strong suit. We’ve kind of all just fended for ourselves throughout the years.

When my son was much younger, of course, I made him breakfast. But as he got older he became adept at getting himself a bowl of cereal, or making an egg sandwich, or having a yogurt cup for breakfast.

Since I wasn’t a morning person it was just easier to let that happen. But, with all of us becoming busier I’m finding that sitting down for breakfast as a family can be a great way time for family bonding.

Now, some mornings I enjoy getting up with my husband and having a little breakfast with him before heading out to work. This is just another way to show him how much I care, even if it’s not my favorite time of the day.

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I’m also finding that Sunday mornings are particularly becoming one of my most favorite times to enjoy a family breakfast as we prepare to leave for worship.

I often find myself prepping casseroles the night before, or prepping mixes for easy pancakes or waffles.

With a little prep work I find it easy to get breakfast into the oven to cook while I get dressed. Then, I can simply serve a simple meal before we head out for an active Sunday.

I don’t know about you, but worship days are usually jam packed with activities, from Bible class and worship to youth events, lunches with friends, potlucks and other congregational activities. Having a good breakfast as a family before we head out the door ensures we have a few minutes to connect as a family.

Family Breakfast Ideas
for Your Family Breakfast Table

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Preparing breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simply a matter of keeping ingredients on-hand, preparing ahead of time, like the night before, or even prep ahead breakfast freezer meals. 

What are your favorite family breakfast meals? I’d love to know what you are serving up for your morning meal times. Tell me your best breakfast ideas in the comments below.

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Family Breakfast Ideas