15 Family Time Games Everyone will Love

Spending time together, gathered around a table playing a board game is a fantastic way to spend time as a family. In fact, there are many positive benefits that come from playing family time games together. From learning how to lose and win graciously to basic reasoning skill and teamwork, there are many reasons families everywhere are making family game nights a routine occurrence.

15 Family Time Games everyone will love | Renée at Great Peace #familytime #familybonding #familygamenight #familynight #families #ihsnet

It is a good idea to have plenty of different games to choose from. Especially if you are planning on making family game night an ongoing thing.

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15 Family Time Games Everyone Will Love

When it comes to choosing family time games, you will want to choose something that the entire family will enjoy playing, to make sure that everyone is engaged. You will also want to make sure that the age recommendations suit the needs of your family. With so many fantastic games to choose from, you are going to want to make sure that you have them all. 

Exploding Kittens Ages 7 and up

This is an unexpected, hilarious, elimination game. How is a player eliminated? Oh, when he explodes, or well, when his kitten explodes. 

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition – Ages 8 and up

This classic game will take you back, and help your kiddos learn the ins and outs of pop culture. It’s a great way to both educate and have fun as you test each other’s knowledge of both current and past events.

5 Second Rule Jr. – Ages 8 and up

A simple game, with a simple concept but you’ll discover it’s harder than it sounds. Which is what makes it so fun!

Guess Who? – Ages 6 and up

This classic Guess Who? game is a simple guessing game. Each player asks questions to determine who the mystery character is. The first person to guess correctly is the winner.

Mousetrap – Ages 6 and up

Everyone is a mouse! And the goal is to capture a mouse before someone else captures you. Your goal is to be the last mouse on the board. 

15 Family Time Games everyone will love | Renée at Great Peace #familytime #familybonding #familygamenight #familynight #families #ihsnet

The Game of Life – Ages 8 and up

Life! We all have one. As adults we know that life can be unfair, but this game helps kids learn that life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs.

PictionaryAges 8 and up

No artistic skills required! From stick figures to block drawing the goal is to get on paper whatever you imagine the item on your card looks like and get your teammates to say that item. It’s fast, it’s fun, and everyone loves Pictonary.

TwisterAges 6 and up 

Twist and turn, step over and under, reach as far as you can before everyone falls down in a heap of arms, legs, and giggles. This classic game will bring back childhood memories to your own mind while creating wonderful new ones for your kids.

Ticket to Ride, First Journey – Ages 6 and up

A simple version of the classic, Ticket to Ride series. Players race to finish six ride tickets before their opponents. 

Sorry! – Ages 6 and up

This game really should have been called, Sorry! Not Sorry! haha. We all know what that’s like when you send your opponent back, and your kind of sorry, but not really. Am I right?

Perfection – Ages 5 and up

My son was introduced to this just the other day and he loved it. Test your your eye, hand, brain coordination in this fast-based game of perfection. (Note: actual perfection is not required.)

Uno – Ages 7 and up. 

This has long been a family favorite of ours. This card game offers a fun, gotcha kind of fun. My son loves our UNO Attack game which was a gift from friends and brings even more fun to the game.

Bean Boozled – Unknown 

Try if you dare! Seriously! This one will be both hilarious and will gross you out. We gave it a try and while it’s certainly worth some good laughs, it’s a good thing it comes in a small box. You have to try it to understand.

Pie Face Sky High – Ages 5 and up.

I mean, it’s pie in the face. You know good and well your kids are going to have an uproarious good time because they will thrill at getting to see you get pie in your face.

UNO Attack game– Age 13 and up. 

Combine the best of the classic game of Monopoly and the modern game of Fortnite and everyone in the family will be happy.

These games are a fantastic way to spend time together as a family, playing and laughing and really connecting. Not only do they offer a wide variety of different game play, from card games and more hands-on games to games of chance and trivia, but they are also sure to keep things interesting. 

When choosing the games you wish to play, make sure that you are focusing on the type of game play that engages your family. 

From classic games like Guess Who? and Mousetrap to new games like Exploding Kittens and Bean Boozled, you will be sure to find something exciting for the entire family. Be sure to schedule a family game night soon to give some of these fun and exciting games a try with your entire family. Happy Playing!




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15 Family Time Games Everyone will Love

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