Fantasy Puzzles for Kids Who Love Fantasy Video Games

Challenging a teen who is a gifted learner can be somewhat difficult. On the one hand it’s important to continue to keep his mind engaged but I have to do so with things that he finds interesting. Otherwise, he gets bored quickly and abandons materials before they are complete. One thing I know is that he is entirely fascinated with fantasy stories. Especially those that stem from or are related to video game play. So these Fantasy Puzzles fit his needs very well. 

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In a previous post I shared how printables for Fantasy Story Writing prompts. Fantasy adventure stories are great as educational prompts. Fantasy video games can serve to develop reading skills which in turn helps to grow writing skills. 

Fantasy Story Puzzles with Logic & Sudoku Puzzles

But, fantasy video games are far more than just reading. They are full of puzzles in digital form. To progress through the game a player must solve puzzles to unlock different levels. These video game puzzles are excellent for building logic and reasoning skills. 

But, we don’t want our kids to only develop logic skills through video games, do we? Logic and Sudoku puzzles allow kids to think systematically through a problem. Which, helps them to develop logic and deductive reasoning skills. Plus, they are fun to do!

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Fantasy Puzzles for Kids Who Love Fantasy Video Games

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