Birthday Favorite Things for Moms Over 40

Sharing My Favorite Birthday Things

Today is my Birthday. But it isn’t just MY birthday. I share my birthday with several great people. In fact it is my best friends birthday too! She’s turning one of those special numbers. So first off I want to say “Happy Birthday, Cinda!” 

It’s also my cousins birthday, “Happy Birthday Michael B.” It’s the birthday of a friend of my sister also, so “Happy Birthday Kathy.” And it’s the birthday of a sweet little girl from our previous congregation back in Ohio, “Happy Birthday Bella Weaver!

I also share a birthday with these famous people.

  • Walter Matthau, actor (deceased but still it was his birthday)
  • Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S. President (1977-1981)
  • William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 
  • George Peppard, actor, the leader in TV series “A-Team”
  • Julie Andrews, actress, singer, “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music.”

So in honor of my Birthday and taking a cue from one of my October 1st birthday cohorts, Julie Andrews I’m sharing with you… 

A Few of My Favorite Things…

Favorite Birthday Things for Moms over 40 | Renée at Great Peace #moms #birthdaygiftideas


My favorite season is fall. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls in the fall, pun intended. What I love about fall is the crispness in the air, the bounty of fruits and veggies, the colors that are alive in the scenery, both the flowers and trees, and in the fields of corn that have turned golden. 

These past few weeks I’ve been busy canning. So I want to share my favorite fall recipe for applesauce. It’s so easy and anyone can do it.

Applesauce pdf printable


My favorite place.

I’ve travelled through many parts of the eastern part of the US. No matter where I go however no place has surpassed this as my favorite place. Holly River State Park in Webster County, West Virginia. My Beloved and I use to spend my birthday there in a cabin for a week. The stone cabins are cozy, but allows for a quiet escape like none other.  We haven’t been in years and each year as my birthday comes around I get to missing it.

There’s this hiking trail that takes you past the site of an old homestead. On the way up the mountain you come across the most beautiful wild trillium growing under a grove of trees. The quiet beauty is simply stunning. After passing where the homestead was, you climb to the top of the moutain and can see for miles. The pasture fields are there and it’s simply a gorgeous place to stop and have a picnic. 

My Favorite Coffee: Seattle’s Best Level 3 (ad). I have at least a cup a day. The flavor is a deep coffee flavor without tasting too acidic. There is just a hint of nutty undertones to it, and when it’s brewing the smell alone wakes me up. I drink it with milk to make it smooth and creamy. 


My favorite drink: Sweet Iced Tea: Really folks, it’s the only way to drink Iced Tea. For those of you who are northerners and think regular tea is good, let me just tell you, “You are wrong.” If you think you can add sugar after it’s already cold, “You are wrong.” So I’m sharing my Sweet Ice Tea recipe. I promise, it’s easy and good.

My favorite inherited item: My Mammaw Aleshire’s porch rockers. My daddy inherited my mammaw’s house and I was given her porch rockers. I love them. There is a double rocker and 2 single rockers. Growing up they were a wide array of colors, getting painted every few years. When they came home with me I painted them red. I love sitting in them and especially love reading a book with cup of coffee in hand, sometimes I have a cup of coffee in one hand, a book in the other and sitting on the table next to me is a glass of sweet iced tea.


My favorite relaxation method: Hot baths, I still love soaking in a hot bath tub. The more bubbles the better with book in hand and a glass of sweet iced tea sitting next to me.

Another Favorite Thing: Books, I still love paper in the hands books. I would read a book a day if all I could do was read. I love children’s books, romance books, classics, mysteries, historical fiction, biographies, hmmmm, I love books.

My favorite milk: Snowville Creamery Milk, Whole Milk. This stuff is so delish that I sent an email to them and asked for bumper stickers for my car! Love it. Why? Well first because they are a local company. The milk comes from grass fed cows, the milk is processed minimally. It is pasteurized (because raw milk is illegal to sell in this country, don’t get me started) to only 170 degrees instead of 350 because they don’t want to cook off all of the good nutrients. It is non-homogenized so you still get those good bits of cream in your milk. Which folks, really is good for you. By the way, I am not an affiliate of this company, I share it with you because I LOVE this product!!! 

My favorite music. Acapella. I love the blending of voices to create a beautiful harmony. Here is an example. As an added bonus my friend Laura from Trains and Tutus is singing on this one. 

My favorite time of day: 9:30 p.m. This is the time of day when we get ready to put Little Man to bed and we share family Bible Time. Little Man reads to Beloved and I from God’s Holy Word. I love that we as a family listen to our Heavenly Father together

My favorite couples get away. The Inn at Cedar Falls. Just peruse their website, you will quickly see why. They have perfected the art of relaxation. Need I say more? 


But that is not all. I am sharing All Things Autumn today on my Social Media Networks. All day long I’ll be sharing great links for Autumn recipes, crafts, homeschool unit studies, and more. Follow my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or Pinterest Board to see all the updates, all day long.

Thanks for celebrating my Autumn Birthday with me. Now, tell me, what are your favorite birthday things?



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