Five Minute Friday: Change at the Push of a Button

It’s Five Minute Friday and I chuckled as I read this weeks topic because it is quite ironic.

Five Minute Friday
This weeks topic: Change

I just couldn’t believe this was the topic for the week. Why? Because today marks the biggest change in the life of my family since Little Man came home with us almost 9 years ago.
Today, the company my husband has worked diligently for, for over 13 years will be closing his division and he will be the one to push the final button. Literally, the push of a button. He works in television news broadcast production, a 24 hour statewide cable news organization. As the last show they will ever air finishes up at 12:00 Noon, he will push the master control button signalling the change of on-air to off-air.
Oh, how I wish I could stand beside him as he makes that change because I know it will be a difficult and emotional moment for him. He has strived ever so hard to create a seamless and quailty product for so long, only to let it go with the push of a button.
This change marks not only the end of this particular TV News organization, but it marks the end of his job with that company as well. It marks the change that we as a family now face in that he will be unemployeed for an indeterminate amount of time. It marks the change of financial security for our family and many other families as well.
As political heads, talk about change in this country with the Presidential election, I continue to think to myself about how out of touch they all are with real people in America. Instead, as September rolls in and the country celebrates labor day, some 40 more people will be filing for unemployment, because of the change that comes with this pushing of a button.
That’s a Wrap.

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