Five Minute Friday — Risk

It’s 5-Minute Friday. I link up with Lisa Jo and her subscribers to write for 5 Minutes. Lisa gives us a topic and then we write. Just 5 minutes of free writing.

Todays Topic — Risk


I’m sure risk is something that some people find exciting, fun and worth the percieved reward. I on the other hand find risk to lead to struggles. I much prefer to walk simply and follow the rules.

But the topic is Risk, so I’m going to tell you about the biggest risk I’m willing to take.

I’m willing to step outside the nirm of society and educate my son at home. Perhaps that doesn’t seem much like a risk to you, but to me raising up a son who needs differentiated learning I worry hat my risk will lead to failure. Oh I know that to do so is the right choice, I just don’t want to fail to teach him every thing he needs, there lies the risk.


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