Focusing Energy in the Homeschool Student

Brain Breaks to Re-energize the Mind

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The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks
My friend Heather has just released this book. The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks that I am so excited to tell you about. You see I have one of those children who just simply can’t sit still. He moves and bounces and rocks and spins all the day long.

I’m anxious to read this book so that perhaps I can find a better way for him to release his energy and be able to focus clearer on his assignments.

Heather shows:

  • Why movement is critical to learning.
  • How to determine when the child needs a break.
  • How to help your child know when they need a break.
  • 60 brain break exercises.

I think any parent who has a child that struggles with focus will find this book to be a useful resource.

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She is having a release special which ends
Friday, August the 16, 2013. For only $4.99.

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks

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