Free Activities for Families in Your Community

I talk a lot on this site about the importance of family bonding. Whether it is a game night, movie night, or getting outdoors for a bike ride, bonding with each other is critical for developing a stable family life. You don’t always have to spend money to bond as a family. There are many free activities for families that you can do in your home community. 

Free Family Activities in Your Community | #family #familybonding #familyactivities

You can get out of the house, spend time with the family, and enjoy the benefits of your own neighborhood. Discover some excellent free activities and events to watch for in your hometown. 

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How to Discover Free Activities for Your Family

Check out your local community calendar. 

Depending on where you live your local community center, chamber of commerce, or tourism center might keep a calendar of events for locals to participate in. This calendar will keep you informed on the various events being hosted by the city or a community organization. Print this handy calendar and choose from a variety of activities to add to your family’s schedule.

These events could be anything from a holiday-themed activity such as an egg hunt, tree lighting, shop hops, and more. You can also follow your city, township, or neighborhood groups and pages on social media to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your hometown. 

10 Free Activities for Families in Your Community 

Community Support Activities for Your Family

1 – Find a community movie night. 

In the summer months, many communities offer free movie nights for kids. Grab a blanket, your favorite snacks, and drinks, and head out for a fun movie under the stars. Something is exciting about joining in for a fun laugh surrounded by the entire community. 

Free Family Activities in Your Community | #family #familybonding #familyactivities

2- Concert in the Park

From time to time, music schools, chamber orchestras, local cover bands, or other musicians will give free concerts at community parks. Check that local calendar and social media for dates and ideas. These are wonderful ways to introduce children to live music without worrying about them sitting still for too long. 

3- Shakespeare in the Park

Local theater groups will often offer plays and themed theater nights for their communities. This gives them a chance to practice their skills and introduce their theater to a wider audience. For families, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience a live production in a very affordable way. 

4- Stop by your local library

Libraries are amazing resources for families. They often have storytime for young children. But, many libraries offer much more than that. They often hold seminars teaching people how to begin genealogy research as a hobby. Which for families can become a multigenerational hobby. 

They also invite authors to host readings or book signings for any age group. Another way that libraries offer free activities, is through the use of their movies, audiobooks, and computers. There are often clubs that meet in the library’s community rooms that are open to the public, such as LEGO club, or Robotics club. 

While you are visiting ask for a library calendar so you can keep up to date on all the services and activities that your library hosts. 

Even if no events are happening, a Saturday afternoon spent at the library as a family can be a fun experience. 

5- Support Your Local School

Whether you are a homeschooler, private school, or public schooling family, everyone can get involved in supporting the local school sports and clubs. There are often activities that are family-oriented from watching track and field to attending a band concert. Some sporting events such as football or basketball may require a small admission fee to enter, this fee simply helps cover the cost of the event and provides needed equipment as well. But, there also can be free events throughout the year so stay informed as to the happenings in your local schools. 

Free Family Activities in Your Community | #family #familybonding #familyactivities

Volunteer Activities for Families

6- Join a litter clean up day

Every community can organize a clean-up day from time to time. Your family will feel good knowing they are helping to make their community a nice place to live. Plus, there is the added benefit of fresh air, sunshine, and togetherness. Your kids will learn about community responsibility and how litter can have big effects on the environment. Getting involved in this and other ways helps them to discover the importance of volunteerism. 

Free Family Activities in Your Community | #family #familybonding #familyactivities

7- Visit a Nursing Home

Call ahead and make sure it’s OK, but residents in nursing homes are often lonely. Your family can bring a cheerful experience to the hearts of many by simply stopping in and saying hello, introducing yourselves, and getting to know these wonderful people. 

Free Family Activities to Enjoy Nature

8- Nature Talks at the Park

Many parks have nature centers. They host various get-togethers, nature hikes, and other activities throughout the year. Usually, these events are aimed and introducing families and children to different aspects of nature, or the services provided by the park. They are often themed by the time of year. It might be teaching kids how to plant bulbs for spring flowers, or how to tap a maple tree for maple syrup. 

9- Start a New Family Nature Hobby

Look around you… nature is amazing! And within nature, you have many opportunities to develop a family hobby. 

  • Some families enjoy studying entomology, which is the study of bugs, by starting a collection of bug carcasses. 
  • Set a goal to visit all the parks within a certain driving distance of your home. 
  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt. 
  • Become spelunkers in local caves (with guidance).
  • Search for butterflies.
  • Become a family of amateur ornithologists; which are bird watchers. 
  • Collect rocks or shells. 
Free Family Activities in Your Community | #family #familybonding #familyactivities

10- Fly a Kite

Ok so you will have the cost of buying a kite or if you are crafty you could make your own. During spring, when the winds are picking up head out to the park and fly a kite with the kids. This is just one more way to enjoy nature, sunshine, and time with each other. 

Attending free events and activities, providing a service, or taking advantage of the free resources found in your local community is a great way to bond as a family. There are so many wonderful opportunities all around us. We just need to learn the art of using these resources and you don’t have to spend a single cent to enjoy time together. 

What are your favorite ways to enjoy your community?

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Free Activities for Families in Your CommunityFree Activities for Families in Your CommunityFree Activities for Families in Your Community

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