Top 10 Free Music Resources for your Homeschool

Let’s face it, many families are struggling to figure out how to keep up with educational demands from home. We want to provide their kids with quality education. But, like public schools, we have to budget our funds and often we choose to leave out some areas of learning because of it. But, musical arts doesn’t need to be left out. Discover 10 FREE music resources you can use right from home.

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Having kids at home, has its joys and disappointments. And, the same can be true of homeschooling. Sometimes, we need to let our kids explore other avenues as a way of helping them to develip into well-rounded citizens.

Music is one such activity that allows children to expel energy in a safe way, learn or participate in an art-form, and develop neural pathways that can inspire both creativity and math learning.

Besides bringing fun and a level of excitement into your home, music acts as an important social connection tool, bringing people together. It surely is an important life skill to learn.

Let your kids learn about music and even how to play various musical instruments while they are home. Utilize the free music resources outlined in this article for this undertaking.

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Free Music Resources You Must Know About

1. Free Guitar lessons

This website is all about Guitars and lessons presented here have been structured by guitar gurus. You can start from the very basics and build up to the advanced levels quickly. Within no time, your kids will be learning their favorite songs and strumming along competently.

2. Go Piano

This resource also delivers lessons from the basic level to the advanced levels in a self-paced, interactive and engaging manner. It is very interactive and easy to use.

3. Zebra Keys

The resource contains numerous piano lessons that let you start from the very bottom and grow strong in a step by step basis. It is also great for people who already know how to play the instrument as it will enhance what they already know.

4. Hoffman Academy

Hoffman presents an exciting and extremely engaging resource which contains step by step guides that are very clear, humorous and easy to follow. You will also encounter interactive games that will make you learn how to play various musical instruments better and within no time.

5.  Free Drum Lessons

This resource is all about drumming, presenting you with unique lessons on how to drum. It has great professionals who are willing to take you through each step on a self-paced capacity. It is designed for people at all levels of drumming.

6.  8 Notes

This is a resource which contains both theoretical and practical approaches to teaching music. There are many lessons one can learn from and each lesson builds on the other. This means that your kids can easily learn music in a step by step process and in an easy, fun and engaging way.

7.  The Piano Guys

These guys know everything there is to know about a piano. They are a collection of song lovers, music producers, songwriters, videographers, pianists and more who have come together to create a resource that is the ultimate piano resource.

You can learn at your own pace and people from every level of play find their place in this resource.

8.  1 2 3 Homeschool 4 Me

In this resource, you will find various elements that explain more about music and various components of musical instruments. It is mostly theoretical, with interesting illustrations pointing out to the various parts of these instruments. It’s designed to make you understand more about musical instruments.

9.  Piano Nanny

They have been offering free piano lessons for a long time and they have mastered the skill. You have access to hundreds of piano lessons, at all levels for your use.

10. Music Theory

Start from the basics and build up your knowledge of music in this resource. Learn about rhythm, scales, chords, clefs and much more.

Do you play an instrument? How about your kids? What lessons are they currently taking and what would you like for them to learn? Share your homeschool music experience in the comments below. And, if you know of other Free Music Resources share that too so others can benefit. (Note: I do screen comments for spam.)

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Top 10 Free Music Resources for your Homeschool

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