20 Brick Building Activities for Fun and Learning

Brick building is always fun! But combine those bricks with hands-on activities that inspire creativity and you’ve got a recipe for learning. This is a great way to encourage a reluctant student to try new things.

20 Fun Brick Building Activities | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #LEGO

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Brick building is more than just play time, it’s a learning adventure that’s rooted in engineering. But, with these fun activities you can branch out into science, technology, arts, language development and more.

20 Brick Building Activities

  1. Balloon Powered Lego Car by The Crafty Mummy
  2. Bridge Building Challenge by Frugal Fun for Boy
  3. Build a Rubber Band Powered Lego Car by Frugal Fun for Boys
  4. Build a LEGO Balance by Frugal Fun for Boys
  5. Build a Lego Pinball Gameby Frugal Fun for Boys
  6. Design your own LEGO Wooden Train by Play Trains
  7. DIY LEGO Bracelet by JaMonkey
  8. DIY LEGO Clock by Our Nerd Home
  9. DIY Lego Hangman by Pink and Green Mama
  10. DIY LEGO Magnets by Super + Super
  11. Family Game Night Inspired by LEGO – 3 Boys and a Dog
  12. How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser by Frugal Fun for Boys
  13. Lego Bingo by Big D & Me
  14. Lego Marble Run by Frugal Fun for Boys
  15. Lego Marble Run by Octavia and Vicky
  16. LEGO Story Activity – In the Playroom
  17. Lego Zip Line STEM Project for Kids by Little Bins for Little Hands
  18. Painting with Legos by Domestic Mommyhood
  19. Two Ways to Build a LEGO Catapult – Frugal Fun for Boys
  20. Two Ways to Build a Rubber Band Powered Car by Frugal Fun for Boys


It’s always such a fun way to engage your kids, when you sit down to play with them. It’s exciting to a mom’s heart to watch their eyes light up with imagination as they build. Isn’t it?
What are your favorite brick building activities? I’d love to hear what you’re doing in your home or homeschool with your kids to inspire learning with brick building.
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