Gifted Homeschool Must Haves

Must Have Item for the Mathematically Gifted

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Math gifted homeschool must have. | Great Peace Academy

 Today I’m joining with my friends at iHN to discuss what we feel are our homeschool must-haves and I decided to take this opportunity to make my first ever video blog.  I’m sharing what I feel is a Must Have for mathematically and perhaps scientifically gifted and advanced learners.  

Tell me what you think.  Do you feel that this is a Must Have item?
My second gifted homeschool must have is a catalog from (ad) Prufrock Press. They carry a wonderful array of gifted education supplies. This publishing company specializes in gifted, advanced and special needs learners.  I got my catalog this week and I just love reading through it and seeing all of the wonderful materials available specifically for advanced learners, their parents and educators. 


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The bloggers from iHomeschool Network are talking about their Homeschool Must-Haves.

Hop over and see what each homeschooling mom blogger considers a must have in their homeschool lives.


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  1. I too was very surprised to see the calculator!! ha ha :o) But you know what? I think you just turned a light on in my mind. I have a 5 year old who is past addition/subtraction/multiplication/divsion – she’s already working 4th grade. So yeah, I am thinking that the calculator might come out much earlier than I previously thought. Thanks for that. :o)

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