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When you have a math minded child it’s incredible how fast they absorb numerical information. Their minds are moving so rapidly that they may struggle to relax. I often think that my son would lay in bed calculating physics or composing music all night if we didn’t intervene. He just wants and needs more, and if you have a math minded child yours does as well. 

But, how do you continuously provide them with more math challenges without overwhelming them? That’s the question isn’t it? How much is too much?

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Here’s the thing. Children who are gifted have a hunger for more information like you or I have a hunger for food. Just as keeping food from the child’s hunger would be wrong, keeping learning food from their mind also is a disservice to the child.

They’ll know when they’ve been given something too complicated. And, you’ll most likely see that expressed in one of two ways. The first is through major self-frustration, the other is through a shutting down that may exhibit itself as boredom.

The first actually means they may be excited by the difficulty but are frustrated by the challenge. So, you can encourage them to take a bit of a brain break, or use a fidget spinner, or work on a puzzle until their mind can process the information in a new way. 

If it’s the second, their mind has shut down or they exhibit boredom, simply remove the product for now, put it on a shelf and try again at another time. 

The point is you don’t really need to worry about giving them too much. Let their reactions guide you. 

I cultivated some resources that can offer your math minded child true challenges.

Gifted Math Books

Gifted Math Games





More Resources for Gifted Learners

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