Goals Check-in for March

We’ve reached March and it’s Time for a Goals Check-in

I’m a day behind with my goals check-in post because I am traveling on the east side of the country. I have had several things to attend to including speaking at a homeschool moms retreat, sending Young Man to a youth conference with his previous youth group, meeting with our tax advisor, and visiting with friends and family back in Ohio and West Virginia.

I took this picture on a day when Young Man and I had been walking around the neighborhood and sat on the front steps to rest. He’s reached the age where he doesn’t want his picture taken and hides or makes goofy faces each time I snap a photo.

Annual Goals Check-in for March at Great Peace Academy

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March Goals Check-in

  1. To be more diligent in my daily Bible study – I’m working through this, but I have to admit, I’m slacking. I want to give reasons here, but I know they are excuses. Rather, I’m committing this to prayer and to being retentive about my attitude and trying to make this a better month than last.
  2. Set a home cleaning routine. This is beginning to fall into place. I can’t say I’m following the routine exactly but overall I’m satisfied with the cleanliness of my home. 
  3. Be more controlled with things that I speak – Again, I struggle with this and fail far too often. I speak then regret and repent. My goal is to stop before I speak. 
    That being said, I am being more intentionally kind with my words in other areas. I plan to write a post on speaking kindness, soon.
  4. Organize our finances and set up a family budget – February has looked better for the most part. I’m still trying to phase out automatic payments at the old bank, so I haven’t been able to close that account yet. Every time I think I have them all in order another one comes through. Hopefully by next month this will be resolved.  
    We have filed our taxes, we use and recommend, Cowdery Tax & Business Solutions, the owner, Cinda, is a Christian, she is honest, reliable and always surprises me with how she helps us dig out every possible credit to get the largest refund available to us. She can process returns for any state. 
  5. Healthy eating – I’m continuing my 100 Day challenge on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. I was only able to do one week of the fuel cycle. I’m not sure why, but the FC is hard on my chronic pain. So I am focusing on the general plan for the rest of the challenge. 
  6. Visit my mom once per month. I’m currently at my moms. I spanned the month with a whirlwind trip east, which included driving through a blizzard in Illinois last Wednesday to arrive. But, Young Man and I had several things on our agendas to attend to. 

Annual Goals Check-in for March at Great Peace Academy

Family Goals Check-in for March

  1. Continue family devotional time each night – We are a few days behind because of our travel schedule but we are working to catch up and will be caught up by the end of the week.
  2. Do family dinner no less than 5 times a week – With the exception of the times we are traveling we are doing this at home, every evening.
  3. Do family togetherness activities 2 times a week – Honestly, I am absolutely loving this goal! We sometimes play board games, sometimes we go out to eat together, or just sit and chat. We’ve been taking walks together around our new neighborhood and because boys will be boys, some fun wrestling matches have been engaged. The funnest, yet most disgusting thing ever, that we did this past month was the Bean Boozled challenge from Jelly Belly. Um, you have to try it to understand. Fun, and disgusting = a happy pre-teen boy.
  4. Have family photos taken this year. I’ve been researching photographers in our new area of residency and I think I have it narrowed down to a couple. I’ll most likely schedule this for late spring as I want a little color in the background.
  5.  Do a family service project once per month – This month we took dinner to a family sick with a respiratory infection, returned shopping carts to the store, and visited with an elderly friend. I’m currently researching more service projects and a dear friend offered me 50 additional ideas and a few websites to checkout. I’ll try to pull together a list of service projects for homeschooling families in a future post.
  6. Establish family with new family doctor, dentist and eye doctor. This is still on my need to do list to be addressed.

Renée at Great Peace Academy




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