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Homeschool, one of those words that many fear, others embrace and others find confusing. It’s a word that dictionaries haven’t caught on to, because it really is two words combined into one; home, and school. Homeschool is more than school at home, it’s life schooling.

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I’m sure that parents of public schooled children also are seeking the best for their children, and for them the choice is a public school option. If that is your choice, know that it is the right one for your family. For my family, home education, homeschool, is the right choice for our child.

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5 Reasons why Homeschooling is Right for My Family |

Let me give you the reasons why my husband and I choose home education each year. But, my reasons do not have to be your reasons. You should decide for yourself along with your spouse what your reasons are for seeking an alternative form of education and then you must decide what is right for your child. 

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5 Reasons Why Homeschool is Right for My Family

  1. We are seeking to provide a Biblically directed education for our son with a focus on scripture in all subject areas of learning. 
  2. We are seeking to educate our child to his own unique abilities so that he can stretch and grow his own mind at his own rate of growth and not be held to a set standard. 
  3. We are seeking to provide a fully customized education.
  4. We are seeking to offer our child an opportunity to think and reason for himself by fully exploring areas of learning rather than just touching base on an idea, thought or reference.
  5. Our goal for our child is help him to grow into a man who, reasons and develops his own faith toward God from a Biblical worldview, contributes responsibly to the church, his family, and the society in which he lives. We do not see that other forms of education seek to meet those goals. Therefore, for our family homeschool is the right and only choice for us.

Whether you are new to homeschool or a seasoned homeschooler you know that you want better for your child/children than what they might receive in any other learning environment. 

So maybe you are in the process of deciding what is best for your child. There are many reasons to homeschool. It is a personal decision that many base upon their families personal beliefs and/or specific needs of their child/children. Everyone must make their own choice as to what is the best education for their own child/children. 

Homeschoolers simply choose to be in control of the educational direction of their children rather than the relying on the direction of a governmental or private institution directed system. 

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Yes, you are qualified to teach your children. It isn’t a matter of how far YOU personally went in school. What matters is that you want the best for your child, and you will seek to provide that. It might mean, outsourcing. It might mean educating yourself so you can educate your child. It might mean training your child to be independent and capable of self direction. That should be the goal for any student and with time and training you can make it a reality. Once your child reaches middle school they should be working mostly on their own with guidance and direction from you. Once they reach high school, homeschooled students generally, can be self-directed with some influence from mom and dad.

The reality is, if you want home education for your child, then, nothing can stop you. {Tweet That}

Did you know that homeschool is one of the fastest growing forms of education in the United States with an estimated 2 million+ students who are home educated? That is most likely due to dissatisfaction with the public school system in the country. With more and more public school teachers and administrators becoming more vocal with statements such as this from the Indiana State School Superintendent, it’s no wonder parents are becoming even more dissatisfied and disillusioned with public education.

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