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Homeschool moms are superheroes. Yes! I did just say that. I know, I know. You’d never think of yourself that way. I really don’t think of myself that way, so I get it. But, when I look around at other mamas and see the reality that you are living with everyday, I think, she’s a superhero. Why? Because we each approach homeschooling from a different perspective, a different approach and different number of children.

Every single home academy across the globe is truly unique. No two are alike. Our reasons for homeschooling vary greatly. Our  desired outcomes are vastly different as well. But the thing that gets me the most, is the varying struggles in each of our homes, our lives and our schools.

All of these differences culminate in this thing we each call homeschool. It has been proclaimed as a counter culture, a craze, a fad, and even a movement. But here we are, nonetheless, homeschooling.

Often, when we get caught up in turning to blogs for encouragement we can get discouraged looking through the looking glass. What lies beyond the page of a blog might appear vastly different than what is put out there for the world to see. I know many bloggers, myself included, try to keep it real in the text of their posts, yet, it can still seem a bit tamed, perhaps, when compared to what you go through on a daily basis. 

Real Life Superhero Homeschool Moms Series

This series takes a peek into the lives of everyday homeschooling families. It allows you to see a glimpse of how unique individual homeschools are, to really see that no two are alike. Every Friday I invite you to meet these real life superhero homeschool moms.

Some may be bloggers, many are not. For some blogging is a way to stay on track and hold themselves accountable because they are putting it out there seeking to encourage other moms through their corner of the web or provide a secondary income for their families. Either way, blogger or not, they are facing their own homeschooling hurdles everyday, striving to do what they feel is best for their children.  There is one thing that you can rest assured of, that in this world of home education, you are not alone. 

The daily struggle is real, the ins and outs of curriculum and notification are real. You may discover that your homeschool looks tame compared to some, and less so, compared to others. The reality is, what works for your family, is the right option for you. 

Many moms are facing down the giant of public education while juggling a mountain of struggle and doing so with grace and gentle hearts as they seek what they feel is a better path for their children. That’s the crux of it, isn’t it? We want to meet the unique needs of our individual children and we choose a different path, maybe a harder path, in order to do just that. That, dear homeschool moms, is what makes you a superhero. 

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