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I’m taking a break from teaching from the Old Testament in our homeschool. I’ve decided to spend the spring teaching about the latter part of the life of Christ. I was given an opportunity to review Growing Up in God’s Word, Life of Christ Part II, which I received for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I am also sharing affiliate links to where you can purchase this and other study guides.

When I was a little girl my parents were earnest in having family Bible study time. My daddy would read from the scripture, to my mom, myself and my 3 siblings. Then we would go through the passage verse by verse so he could explain to us what the passage was about. He would cross-reference to other portions of relevant scripture, then he would ask us questions and we would respond. Looking back, his diligence in doing that with us, led me to have a good basis of Bible knowlegde and taught me how to study scripture for myself. This curriculum reminds me of those times. 

Growing Up in God's Word Review

The material comes in a well written, easy to read, teachers guide. The curriculum is set up in a 13 week course, however you can certainly customize it to teach the material at a quicker rate or a slower rate. Each lessons begins with a guided reading lesson and incorporate study reviews, puzzles and hands on suggestions. The curriculum teaches students how to develop Bible study skills, in a kid friendly way. 

The author, Heather Pryor, was meticulous in writing each lesson in a way which helps children to exegete passages of scripture. Verse by verse, she guides the teacher in having open dialogue with the children while helping them to consider how an entire passage works together in scriptural context and in cross-referencing other passages. 

What you Will Find in Growing Up in God’s Word

  • A Guided Lesson for the Teacher to Engage the Students in Study, with conversation prompts.
  • Review Questions
  • Putting Down Roots Memory Word
  • Farther Afield map Work
  • Harvest Fun Games & Activities
  • Digging Deeper Research Topics
  • Food for Thoughts Puzzles 
  • Fruits of our Labor Crafts

What I am loving is seeing how deeply my son is digging into the scriptures.  These lessons have allowed me to guide him in cross-referencing and developing thinking skills. He has been considering things like how Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled in the New Testament. How the Jews felt about Publicans (tax collectors) and why Jesus came to “seek and save the lost.” 

Examples of Digging Deeper Research Topics

  • One assignment encourages a comparison the Prophet Elijah with John the Baptist and how John was a New Testament fulfillment of the prophecy found in the book of Malachi. 
  • From the resurrection of Zaccheus lesson the study leads students on a discovery of the Hebrew burial customs. 
  • The crucifixion lesson suggest research for older students to learn about Roman method of crucifixion.

Yet, as a homeschooling parent, you can tailor each lesson to fit your family’s needs. If your children aren’t old enough for research, you can focus more on the hands on ideas for crafts and activities. Heather offers ideas for students to visualize scenes from scripture. In the lesson on Zaccheus and the Sycamore Tree, she suggests having students create a diorama of the scene. True to Little Man form, he chose LEGO bricks as his medium and set off to create the scene. As you can see, he incorporated Zaccheus in a tree, Jesus surrounded by crowds and a house for Jesus to go visit which Zaccheus in.

LEGO Diorama of Bible Story

It is obvious that Heather, a homeschooling mom, has been thoughtful in providing a curriculum that is simple for the teacher to teach, able to be used by the whole family, and stretches the learning from Bible story time to knowing God’s word in their hearts. The guided lessons engage thoughtful discussion and lead children (and mom’s too) on a real exploration of scripture.

The Life of Christ, Pt. 2, curriculum covers portions of scripture from each of the four gospels. It spans the portion of Christ’s life from His transfiguration on the mountain to the resurrection and ascension into Heaven. 

While this Bible curriculum series is new to the homeschooling market, it is an asset which will lead you and your family on a journey of discovery in God’s word and spiritual connection with Him.  Currently, there are 5 volumes available in this curriculum and they are just $14.95 each.  But, Heather is writing more volumes to be a part of the series.

Growing Up in God’s Word 5 Curriculum Volumes

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Life of Christ, Part 1
  4. Life of Christ, Part 2
  5. Acts, Part 1
  6. Acts, Part 2

You can find each of the volumes of Growing Up in God’s Word at the Pryor Convictions Media website

What do you most look for in a Bible study curriculum? Leave a comment and let me know.

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