Hands-on LEGO Learning Activities

One of the most direct paths to a child’s mind is through hands-on activities. This is why introducing LEGO® learning activities is important to your little one’s development.  Hands-on play is one of the best ways for kids to learn. Put a favorite toy in their hands and learning happens naturally with LEGO learning activities.

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Growing up, many children have ton of LEGO blocks to play with. In fact, many people truly believe that LEGO bricks are great for building problem solving, logic, collaborative skills and more. The truth is though, LEGO toys are so much more than that. There are several hands-on activities that can be done with LEGO toys that revolve around STEAM-based learning.

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How LEGO Bricks can be used for STEAM Based Learning?

Using Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts and Mathematics, STEAM encourages natural curiosity. LEGO bricks are an excellent resource to add to your STEAM resources. Students that build on these skills end up taking risks, engaging in learning by experience and embrace working with others through their creative processes.

STEAM is basically the same as STEM but has since had the “A” added for art. STEAM learning is a great way to teach your kids the skills they need to become successful in the future. LEGO blocks offer a hands-on way to engage learning and can be utilized to teach science, technology, engineering, art and math.

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Hands-On LEGO Learning Activities for Educational STEAM

There are loads of different hands-on LEGO learning activities that you can use to get your children involved in STEAM-based learning at home.

Learning with LEGO can be so much fun, just make sure you choose the right activities for your child’s age. 

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100 Hands-on LEGO Learning Activities | Renee at Great Peace #LEGO #LEGOLearning #handsoneducation #learnthroughplay #homeschool #homeschooling #ihsnet

30 LEGO Learning Activities for Hands-on Learning

Bartholomew and the Oobleck LEGO Activity by STEAM Powered Family 

Build a LEGO Endless Cube by Frugal Fun for Boys

Build a LEGO Narwahl by Little Bins for Little Hands

Build an Epic LEGO Marble Run by Frugal Fun for Boys

Build Symmetry with LEGO Blocks by Happy Tot Shelf

Building LEGO Paper Machines at Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Camping Lantern at Laly Mom

Computer Coding with LEGO by Little Bins for Little Hands

Counting and Measuring with LEGO – The Imagination Tree

Create a LEGO Maze at Kids Activities Blog

Design a LEGO Boat at Lemon Lime Adventures

Design a LEGO Planter by Lemon Lime Adventures

DIY Spinny Spellers – Filth Wizardry 

DUPLO LEGO Drawing Machine at Inspirational Laboratories 

Flag Fun with LEGOS! at Momgineer

How to Make a Marble Speed Trap with LEGO Mindstorms at Blog, She Wrote

LEGO Balloon Cars at Little Bins for Little Hands

LEGO Bar Graphs – Look! We’re Learning!

LEGO Car Art at STEAM Powered Family 

LEGO Catapult STEM Project by Little Bins for Little Hands

LEGO Gravity Roller at Frugal Fun 4 Boys

LEGO Marble Maze at Little Bins for Little Hands

LEGO Math Patterns at Frugal Fun for Boys

LEGO Rainbow at Kids Activities Blog

LEGO Volcano at The STEM Laboratory 

LEGO Zip Line Activity at Little Bins for Little Hands

Make LEGO Men Fly at Encouraging Moms at Home

Sensory Sink with LEGO – Bounce Back Parenting

Solar Powered LEGO Car at Teach Beside Me

Water Cycle Project with LEGO at KC Edventures

There really are so many hands-on LEGO learning activities for your children to participate in. These activities will challenge and encourage them to enjoy more STEAM-based learning.

Using LEGO Blocks for Sensory Learning

Whether you choose to make Lego Bar Graphs, create a LEGO Sensory bin or build a LEGO Volcano, there is something here for everyone to enjoy..

Do you have other LEGO learning activities you’d recommend? I’d love to know about them. Share your faves with me in the comments.

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Hands-on LEGO Learning Activities

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