15 Things Homemakers Need to do to Prepare Home for Winter

With the fall months in full swing and winter not too far behind, many homemakers are getting their homes ready for the colder winter weather.

The fall months are the perfect time to get a head start when it comes to getting your home ready for winter. The temperatures aren’t too cold just yet, there are plenty of sunshiny days to keep you motivated. Plus, you won’t be super cold when you run any needed errands.

I’m sharing 15 tasks that homemakers can do to prepare their homes for the coming winter months. 

15 Ways Homemakers Can Prepare Their Homes for Winter | Renée at Great Peace #homemaker #home #managehousehold #keeper


15 Ways for Homemakers to
Prep their Homes for Winter

1. Replace Weather-stripping

If your doors or windows are drafty, it’s going to cost you extra when it comes to heating your home this winter. Take the time to check all weather-stripping and if it needs to be replaced, do it right away.

Plus, add a cold air draft stopper to the bottoms of external doors for that extra layer of protection.

2. Get Ducts Cleaned

Your ducts hold on to allergens and when dirty they can greatly decrease the air quality of your home. Getting them cleaned can make it healthier when it comes time to heat your home.

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3. Clean Gutters

Full gutters are the cause for accidents like basement floods and damaged gutters and siding. The fallen leaves from the fall months can cause your gutters to be clogged. It’s important to ensure they get cleaned before the winter months when snow, and ice can build up. This can create heavy, weighted gutters to bend or damage, sidings, and even the roof of your home.

4. Get Your Heating System Ready

Prior to turning on your furnace it is important to have it inspected by a professional. They will make sure that your furnace is properly working, ensuring that your family is safe. Be sure to change the filter monthly to allow good airflow throughout your home. And, clean your return air vents for the same reason.


5. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans can help you heat your home over the winter months. On most ceiling fans there is a switch that reverses the direction of the fan’s blades. If you change it to rotate clockwise, it pushes the warm air down and helps to circulate it.

6. Caulk Around Windows

Gaps between window and door frames can cause air leakage, making it harder to heat your home efficiently. Make sure to reapply caulk whenever necessary to ensure your home remains warm all winter long.

7. Divert Water

If your downspouts are close to your home, you will want to add downspout extensions to them to ensure that water runs at least 4 feet away from the foundation of your home. This will reduce the risk of flooding as snow melts and falls again.

8. Turn off Outdoor Water

Outdoor water pipes can freeze when they are left un-drained. This can cause your pipes to burst as the ice expands within them. Disconnect all garden hoses and drain the water that remains in the faucets, making sure to turn them off properly.

9. Mulch Leaves

Mulched leaves on your lawn over the winter will help to protect and nourish your lawn over the winter season.

10. Trim Nearby Trees

If you have tree branches hanging near your windows, roof or driveway, make sure to trim them back. Over the winter months, ice and snow will cause them to break from being weighed down. If they are too close to your home or windows costly damage can occur.

Homemaker Tasks to Prepare The Home for Winter, like trimming tree branches.

11. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Now is the perfect time to make sure that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Especially before you start using your furnace. If they aren’t functioning correctly, it is time to replace them. Be sure you’ve changed their batteries as well.

12. Get your Chimney Inspected

Prior to starting your fireplace up for the first time this season, make sure to have a professional chimney sweep check it out. They will remove any obstructions or combustibles and check the overall structure of your flue.

13. Winterize Air Conditioning

Protecting your air conditioning unit during the winter months is important to ensure the life of your system. Make sure to cover your central air unit with an air conditioner cover to keep snow and water out of the unit.

14. Prepare Your Snowblower

If you have one, check your snowblowers oil, fuel and over all structure to ensure it’s ready for winter use. If you don’t have one, now is the time to buy a snowblower. Trying to find them after severe weather has it, will lead to frustration as they often sell out very quickly.

15. Restock Your Winter Essentials

It is a good idea to ensure that you restock your winter essentials prior to the first snowfall. Make sure you have a good working snow shovel, rock salt, a good car scraper and anything else you may need to maintain your property through the winter months.

Now is also a great time to stock-up your family pantry. You’ll have everything you need to see yourself through the long, cold winter months. And, you won’t feel the need to make a special, last minute trip, to the grocery store when the weather reporter announces the next big ice storm.

Getting your home ready for those cold winter months is extremely important. Make sure to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your home and property are safe, warm places for your family this season.

What are some ways that you prepare your home for the winter months?



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