Best Homemaking Tips from Real Homemakers

As we wrap up this home and keeping series I thought about the best way to grow as a homemaker. I think perhaps it is to learn from other homemakers and their experience. So I reached out to you over on my Facebook Community. 

I asked “Let’s share our best homemaking tips. List 1 or 2 of your best tips in comments.” You guys never fail to offer me encouragement and ideas over there. So Thank YOU! 

Anyway, there were some really good ideas shared so I’m including them here for all of you to read. 

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Homemaking Tips from Real Life Homemakers

Homemaking Tip #1 – Have a Routine 

  • Have a routine in place.” — Sharla O. 
  • Keeping some small routines have really helped me. Things like doing one load of laundry a day from wash to put away, going to be bed with a clean sink and the coffee pot ready to for the next day, and wiping down bathroom counters each morning.” –Rebekah T. 

Homemaking Tip #2 – Involve the Family

  • Teach your children ‘life skills’ before academics. It will be much easier to keep up with the home if your children help. If they are old enough to learn to read, they are old enough to learn to help pick up, wash dishes, and fold towels.” — Denise C.
  • I love basket cleaning, go into the room and put anything that needs to be put away in a basket. Through away trash as you go and clean up is pretty quick. Then have everyone go through the basket and put away their belongings. Anything not claimed is mine to either toss or donate! Sometimes I skip the basket and sweep everything into the center of the room, lol.” — Melanie N.
  • Pick up a little around the house and make sure the kids put away the toys when they are done. I started this really young and it has made my day a happier one. Oh they are never to young for helping out around the house either.” — Stacey B.

Homemaking Tip #3 – Learn to Prioritize

  • Do a full house declutter & reorganization once a year! This is our third year in a row of decluttering the entire house and it makes a HUGE difference in how easy it is to keep clean.” — Davonne P.
  • In response to the above comment: “Stopping the flow is also necessary, minimizing what you purchase and why and asking friends and family not to go overboard with gifts for the kids is important in keeping it clutter free.” — Melanie N. 
  • The first priority should always be the things that are going to get “worse” if you wait: laundry and dishes, for example, will multiply and become overwhelming. Things like dusting can wait if necessary – and trust me, they do wait at our house!” — Judy H. (Mom of 8, so I think she has some experience to share, don’t you?)

Homemaking Tip #4 – Consider that the Heart Matters

  • “Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. For me, my perfectionism makes me quit before I start. I tell myself I don’t have time to do that right. I have started telling myself, i will work on it for x minutes right or not. I have gotten a lot more done!” — Melanie N.
  • Pay attention to your attitude about housework. Your kids will pick up on it and it will make it harder to get them to do their chores without grumbling.” — Amy G.

Isn’t there some great advice in these reader responses?

My favorite one is the one from Amy G. “Pay attention to your attitude…

Yes! Many time our biggest struggle as homemakers lies not in the external things that we do, but rather within our hearts. 

What are your best homemaking tips? Tell me in the comments below.

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Your Best Homemaking Tips from the Facebook Followers of Great Peace Academy
Best Homemaking Tips from Real Homemakers

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