Updating the Homeschool Classroom for Middle School

Homeschool Class room 2016-2016 at Great Peace Academy

I’m having a hard time realizing that my Little Man is growing up. This year we are entering the 7th grade as far as homeschooling goes. As I stood in the homeschool classroom this year and looked around I was struck with how much he has grown. I looked at his desk and realized that it was too small for the almost teen that he is. I mean we now have to buy his clothes in the men’s department. 

Taking a Closer Look at our Homeschool Classroom

So I had to look at the room with a different lens. I moved my desk to the middle of the room, and now we share it. He get’s half and I get a half. I moved the shelving over under the window and his items are on his side, mine where I can reach them. 

I gathered up some old books and sent them along to a just graduated from college, 2nd grade teacher I know. And, I ditched quite a bit of old materials that had simply become clutter.

Great Peace Academy Homeschool Class Room 2015-2016.

I kept the chalkboard because it is a good all-purpose resource. We still use it for writing brainstorming sessions, the occasional math working area and It’s especially great for keeping track of to-do lists, needed materials lists, etc. I added 2 new maps to our walls. We have one fish, Betty the Betta which we added last year, and we have one hermit crab, Herman. We got both of them last year and they survived the year with us. 

Overall, not a lot has changed this year, I just re-purposed what we already had and was doing. But I have to say that looking across the table and seeing my son eye to eye is both a blessing and just a bit sorrowful. (I miss the little boy, but am thrilled to watch as he grows into a man. 

Renée at Great Peace Academy




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    1. Thanks Jamie, it really is amazing considering how much we were away especially through the winter. We had another hermit crab, Crusty, but it did not survive. 🙁 We need to get a couple more.

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