Homeschool Co-op Seminar for LEGO Learning

My First Homeschool Speaking Engagement

Homeschool Co-op Seminar about Learning with LEGO
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Last night I had a wonderful evening. I had an opportunity to speak to a homeschool group about Learning with LEGO®  While there I shared some resources for finding materials and resources. I promised to share links to these resources on my blog today. Earlier in the week I shared resources for finding challenges for LEGO® club or co-op activities for groups.

I really enjoyed doing research for this seminar and was fascinated by all that I discovered so I am happy to share with all of my readers these great websites and the materials which can be found at each of them. Many of them are free.

LEGO Materials Resources

Resources for Learning with LEGO® Materials, Ideas and Downloads

  • This site offers curriculum designed specifically for use in classroom settings. They have lessons for every age group from preschool through high school and cover nearly every learning subject from math, science, social studies and language arts. Additionally there are free downloads for lessons, images.
  • : Free Download from LEGO Brand Retail website.
  • : New Social Media Networking site for kids, allowing them to create their own webpage.
  • : Teacher Resources using LEGO elements to teach Atoms & Molecules, and DNA Learning.
  • Currclick LEGO® Club, Free Lego club for homeschoolers, watch LIVE of the recorded version.
  • Has a LEGO LAB where they work in conjunction with the local elementary schools to inspire creative learning. Lesson plans available at.
  • (paid site) Alegebra lessons using LEGO® Bricks.
  • Free Photo Editing Site.
  • Free Resources for Unit Studies, Lapbooks and Lapbook Templates
  • Mary at Homegrown Learners has created a wide variety of materials, a 10 week co-op lesson plan, create your own mini-fig pages, story prompts and more.
  • , Amy from Milk & Cookies Blog shares some wonderful ideas for incorporating LEGo into many of your homeschool subjects.
  • , Ami from Walking by the Way has a good variety of LEGO® Learning resources, for both preschool and elementary.
  • Pinterest Pin Board: See my Pinterest Pin Board for even more ideas.

It was so fun watching the children and their excitement to be able to participate as part of a team build challenge. I am always amazed at the creative and amazing builds that kids are able to produce in a 10 minute challenge. Especially tonight when there were nearly 100 kids participating in groups of 4-5 all the while I was speaking to the parents about incorporating Math into homeschool education. Kids are great!

Speed Build with LEGO Challenge
BIG thanks goes to LEGO® Education for donating giveaways to share with families at the event. I know each family was thrilled with their Build to Express workshop kits and magazines. 5 children were joyful to receive their LEGO® Posters, and the BIG winner of the LEGO® Education Build to Express Kit was very excited. Another BIG thank you goes to BlokHedz a local retailer for their donation of Brick Forge materials for the kids.
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8 Replies to “Homeschool Co-op Seminar for LEGO Learning

  1. Renee, Garrison keeps talking about the meeting! Thanks for all your insight and for being willing to try something new:) You were excellent with the large crowd we had and I know many parents are already trying some of your new ideas.

    1. That’s great Heather! I know I found a lot of great ideas in my research that I want to try with Jonathan as well. Like the digital designer and the web page. We’ve downloaded the one and registered the other, just haven’t had time to look at them much. If Garrison gets a LEGO Network webpage, let us know and we can have them friend!

  2. Renee — what a fun night! I think it’s a great idea to have the kids building while parents are learning about teaching with LEGO! Thanks for all of the great resources (and thank you for the shout out, too). I think it’s wonderful that you were able to give SO MUCH away from LEGO® Education. They are my favorite resource!!!

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