Homeschool Curriculum at The Academy for 2014

Not Back to School: Homeschool Curriculum Hop

Are you ready to not go back to school?  Yes, this is the time of year when parents  across the country are making the decision to either for the first time, or continue to exercise their right to educate their children at home. This will be the 7th year of homeschool for me and my family. 

Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015 at Great Peace Academy

Today I’m joining with my friends at the iHomeschool Network to share our Not Back to School Curriculum Hop. This is where we share the curriculum we have chosen for the coming year. 

As a homeschool mom to an only child who is a gifted learner, I have more ability to be flexible and adapt as needed throughout the year. In our school we span a wide variety of learning styles and educational methods so an eclectic collection of homeschooling curriculum is what works best for us.

American History with Notgrass History at Great Peace Academy
I’m looking forward to diving into American History with my son. We’ve be in ancient history for so long and I feel it’s time for him to learn about the history of the country in which we live. The reason I gravitated toward the Notgrass curriculum is because it incorporates American history from a Christian perspective. I love also that it incorporates literature so that I can coincide literary study with historical study.

Here is a listing of all of the curricula we will be using for this year.  I’ll be sharing affiliate links to places where you can purchase the items listed below.

Academy Curriculum 2014


How about you? What are your top 3 favorite curriculum companies? Share in comments.  
Renée at Great Peace Academy
This month at the iHomeschool Network you can join in with the iHN  bloggers each Monday to share your own Not Back to School Blog Posts. Just follow each of these prompts and link up. 
Not Back to School Blog Hop at Great Peace Academy

Not Back to School Blog Hop Prompts. 

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4 Replies to “Homeschool Curriculum at The Academy for 2014

    1. Eclectic does make for a custom one-of-a-kind experience. I’ve often longed for an all-in-one boxed curriculum with a pre-formatted schedule. But the reality is that wouldn’t fit either my son’s learning style or my method of teaching. So eclectic works for us. Thanks for visiting Jamie.

  1. What a great year you have planned! We are excited to use the Middlebury foreign language too for French. Thanks for sharing what you will be doing and have a super year 🙂

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