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Sharing our homeschool curriculum selections for the academic year. In our homeschool I am using the eclectic teaching method. While I like the simplicity and overall philosophy of the classical method and keep it in mind whenever I am planning I like having the freedom to pull resources from many styles. I use traditional texts in science along with notebooking journals. I use unit studies incorporating Bible, history, literature and art along with a traditional text as an overall guide. I will often add in hands on lessons, as well as specific focused learning.  

My son is an advanced learner who learns best in an immersion environment.  That simply means that he needs the freedom to flesh out a topic to its fullest until he understands every aspect there is to know about it. By using a variety of teaching methods he can explore a subject until it is exhausted.  

As a homeschool blogger I believe in sharing information I feel would be beneficial to you. I’m sharing the curriculum that I use in my homeschool. As an affiliate marketer I only endorse products that I feel are worthy of such my endorsement. I refuse any product which I find to be inappropriate, non-family friendly or that would not be in accordance to my strictly held Christian ideals

Great Peace Academy Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015




  • American Literature – The Notgrass America the Beautiful companion books.


American History with Notgrass History at Great Peace Academy










  • Gym – The Homeschool gym class, in central Ohio.



I would love to hear what you think of my selection for the year, or if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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