Homeschool Goals = An Arrow in the Hand

Homeschool Education Goals for Our Little Man

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 Arrow in the Hand: Educational Goals for training up in the nurture of God's Word at Great Peace Academy

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.” Psalm 127:3-5

This verse is a reminder to me of what my goal is. I often get asked why I chose to homeschool. For the longest time I didn’t know how to answer that question. There are many factors that led up to the decision.

I loved spending time with my son and I couldn’t really feel comfortable about sending him into public school for strangers to spend 7-8 hours a day with him. He was ahead of the curve and I knew our district wouldn’t offer him a strong program to meet his needs. I dreaded having to un-educate him from all of the evolutionary theories, the socialist ideals and the foulness that children learn from other children who aren’t taught properly at home. I also wanted to be able to watch his learning process. I wanted to steer him into learning God’s Word. All of these were factors in the decision we made.

Recently, I attended a lecture at a church lectureship in Tennessee. This lecture was titled “How to begin to get where you want to go.” All I knew about the class going in was that it was on a track for homeschool moms. I assumed the speaker, Teah McWhorter, planned to explain to moms the process of getting started, give advice on curricula and how to set up the home.

I wasn’t super excited as we’ve been (at the time) schooling for 3 years, but I had a friend going and wanted to support her. I quickly realized, that her session wasn’t what I had anticipated. She reminded me of my goal, the main reason why we chose to homeschool, the reason why we study the Bible with our son every night before bedtime, the reason why we are teaching him to pray, the reason why we correct him when he misbehaves.

Our goal is to help our son get to heaven.
By keeping our goal at the forefront of my mind, every decision that I make regarding his education becomes so much simpler. He is the arrow that God has placed in our hands. We are the warriors that God has placed in his life, we hold the bow with which he will be shot into adulthood.  When making decisions regarding his education, or anything our family chooses to be involved in I ask myself, “Will this help my arrow reach it’s target goal?”

We use this Bible with Little Man. It has great inset topical information, some good maps and inset scripture highlights. We read every night before he goes to bed, and we use Bible Study Guide for All Ages in our classroom so that he will learn how to study and dig deep from his youth up in God’s Holy Word. 

 What about you? What decisions are you making and how might they affect the arrows that are your blessings from God?
 Renée at Great Peace Academy

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