10 Steps to Planning Homeschool High School into College

With planning to homeschool high school in the forefront of my mind, I’m thrilled to bring you this sponsored post by Carson-Dellosa and to be able to share information about their College Savings Giveaway. I’d be excited to bring you this information even if I weren’t being compensated for my time, (but just so you know, I am being compensated for my time in writing this sponsored post). It’s an awesome giveaway that will be a blessing to a few families. Oh, and homeschoolers you are eligible to enter this giveaway.

As I’m wrapping up my son’s 7th grade year I realize he’s finishing up geometry. That is a high school leveled course and therefore I need to get his transcript started. That’s just incredible to me that we’ve reached that level. It’s got me thinking about not only being prepared to homeschool high school but making sure we are prepared for college as well. 

10 Steps to Plan for Homeschool High School with College in Mind

  1. Research High School Credit Requirements
  2. Research College Admissions Requirements & Dual Enrollment or Credit Opportunities
  3. Formulate a high school course of study that will lay the foundations for college admissions.
  4. Research Transcript Methods
  5. Document any existing credits for transcript (like Geometry and Algebra).
  6. Research Volunteer Opportunities for Students
  7. Research ACT & SAT requirements
  8. Begin doing standardized tests so student will get used to testing requirements.
  9. Research College Savings 529 plans.
  10. Research Scholarships that are available for homeschoolers.

I’m also realizing we are woefully under prepared for paying for college or having a financial savings plan to be geared up for the cost that is associated with post-secondary education. So when I discovered this I was thrilled to be able to enter to win.


  1. Grand Prize: $2,000 (only one winner)
  2. Second Prize: $1,000 each (two winners)

This will be so awesome to win, because it will mean that I will be able to set up a college savings 529 plan for my Jonathan. I realized we should have started one years ago, but let’s face it, most of us manage our biggest, current needs first.

To enter for your opportunity to win go over to  and enter your name and email address. It’s so easy!

Are you ready to homeschool high school? Have you begun a college savings plan for your child? Tell me how you are preparing for the high school years and beyond in the comments below. 

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  1. Great post.. Thanks for sharing… You have mentioned some great tips for high school homeschoolers. I wish good luck to all the homeschoolers who are going to high school this year. This post was just what I needed to read. I am bookmarking to to share with my friends.

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