Homeschool Moms Misconceptions in Society

Debunking the “You Must” Mentality of Homeschool Moms Misconceptions

I think there are a lot of homeschool moms misconceptions in our society. Many times we get questions, or stares, or comments that just goes to show that people think they know who we are. But, in reality they do not. Most often these come in the form of “You must…

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Homeschool Moms Misconceptions in Society | Renée at Great Peace #homeschooling #ihsnet

10 Misconceptions That Society Thinks
You Must Have in Order to Homeschool

  1. You must have a lot of patience.
  2. You must be really smart.
  3. You must be very organized.
  4. You must think public education is awful.
  5. You must have a teaching degree.
  6. You must have a lot of money.
  7. You must be a granola, hippie dippy kinda mom.
  8. You must have a great support system.
  9. You must have a dedicated school room.
  10. You must have a kid with special needs.

The truth is that you don’t have to have any of these to home-educate your children.


Then again, maybe one mom can be described as one or two of these while another mom has this or that. The reality is we are all different. 

We come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different philosophies and ideas about what our homeschool should be or look like.

I doubt very many homeschooling moms, if any, would ever say they have a lot of patience! Seriously! Who says that? 

Most of us look at our teacher counterparts in public education and think very highly of their skill at balancing the education of 25 kids or more. And we know, it’s not easy. And while we have chosen a different education path for our own kids we understand that others find that public, or private, education is right for their kids. And, that’s O.K.. 

The longer I am a homeschooling mom, the more I see that we are all just moms seeking to do what is best for our children.

Most days we feel like we fail miserably while other days we see that spark of light ignite in our children’s faces and we remember why we are seeking their greatest good.  Don’t let other peoples misconception of what homeschool moms must have, cloud your knowledge of why you do what you do.

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Keep going Homeschool Mom. Your doing great work!





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