5 Best Ways to Find Support for Homeschool Moms

Homeschoolers can often find themselves feeling isolated, alone and without much support. But, you are not alone. But, homeschool moms, support is likely closer than you think. In order to find it,  you are going to have to do some leg work.

Home Education is the fastest growing form of education in our country and as society becomes more and more dis-satisfied with the public education system you can be sure that it will continue to grow.

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So maybe you are thinking, ‘Where are all these supposed homeschool moms?’

They are all around you. But sometimes, they, like you, are sitting around wondering where the other moms are. Now, it’s possible that you are the only one in your neighborhood, or even your county. But, it’s UNLIKELY that you are the only mom in your state who is homeschooling.

Since homeschooling is a legal education option in all 50 states, you can be sure there are homeschoolers in your state, and likely, in your area. 

Here Are 5 Best Tips To Find
Homeschool Moms Support

5 Best Ways to Find Homeschool Mom Support| Renée at Great Peace


▬ Look Locally for Homeschool Co-ops or Support Groups

Chances are you can find groups and/or classes at your local library,  parks, rec centers,  museums, or even zoo’s. Often these local public centers host homeschool days, classes, or homeschool gyms.  These are great places to meet other parents, grow friendship and begin to form homeschool communities.

Additionally, you can most likely find a local co-op or homeschool support group by doing some internet searches. Simply type in your location + homeschool co-op or, + homeschool support group.

Another great place to find local support is through your state’s Christian Education Association. Every state has them, you can find a listing of organizations for each state at the HSLDA website here: Home School Organization by State.  Often these organizations keep records of support groups and co-ops in various cities, counties and locations around the state.

▬ Homeschool Magazines Can provide support

Maybe this seems counter intuitive to finding real connections to other homeschoolers, but by reading through magazines will allow you begin to familiarize yourself with names of publishers, authors, and even bloggers who regularly write, speak and promote home-education. 

Look at articles for the author’s names, read through their biographies, then, go online and find their blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter handle, Google+ account or even on Pinterest and follow them.

Doing this takes you out of the pages of the magazine to forming connections with actual people.

Here are some magazines to consider:

▬ Find Support through Homeschool Blogs

Homeschool blogs written by homeschooling mom’s and a few dad’s who want encourage, support and offer a little guidance from their own experiences. Reading these can help you to know that you are not the only one facing difficulties. You’ll realize that everyone feels like they don’t quite have it all together. Or, that you aren’t the only one facing that dreadful feeling that somehow you are going to mess up.

Bloggers generally write from their hearts and a good blogger will share with you the good, the bad and even the ugly parts of homeschooling. Homeschool blogs abound, and in my experience you will find most bloggers are pretty willing to answer a few short and simple questions, offer suggestions and even (if you live close enough) meet up in real life.

 The best way to connect with bloggers is to comment on their posts. You can extend your connections with them by following them on their social networks. As a homeschool blogger myself I know the amount of research many bloggers put into their work. With the vast amount of researched articles you can do a lot of learning, and gaining support through following these bloggers.

How To Follow Homeschool Bloggers

Reach beyond just reading their blogs. When you find a blogger who really speaks to your heart, who understands your style of homeschooling, and shares in similar joys and frustrations, become a loyal reader. 

  • Subscribe to their email newsletter.
  • Like them and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Join their Facebook Groups
  • Check out their Pinterest boards and follow the ones that make the most sense for you.
  • Interact with their posts on any of those social media platforms, and let them know you are following. 

I know many bloggers who have become real life friends with their loyal followers. It’s because over time, you grow to be more than a follower, you grow to be online friends. 

Homeschool Bloggers to Follow

It’s so hard to narrow down which bloggers to recommend. So, I’m listed the ones I follow the most. 

Recommended Homeschool Consultants

Some bloggers also work as paid homescho

ol consultants. For a nominal fee they will have a phone or Skype conversation with you helping you to get started in your homeschooling walk, or find the right learning style or curriculum for your family. While many bloggers, and even consultants, are willing to answer simple questions on their blogs, and social media sources the key is simple questions.

For more in depth how-to’s please utilize the servic

es of these homeschooling consultants. 

Note: All consultants mentioned are independent consultants. I am not associated with these consultants beyond working collaboratively in blogging networks. I can not guarantee the outcome of utilizing these services.

▬ Find an Online Homeschool Community

I cannot stress enough how much online support groups or homeschooling communities can encourage and uplift you in your journey.

▬ Homeschool Support Networks

Homeschooling networks are groups of bloggers, publishers, and parents who see to encourage and support one another in homeschooling efforts. Here are the online homeschool network communities that I recommend.

Homeschool Conferences & Conventions

There is at least 1 conference in every state. But if you look around you are going to find there are some that travel around the country. Simply do a Google Search of “Homeschool Conventions” and you will find options that are near and far. Maybe you don’t understand the importance of these. Perhaps you think it’s just a place to look at curriculum. Well, you can look at curriculum, but they are so much more than that.

These conferences offer seminars by speakers who are experts in various fields of home-education. These are men and women who have been tested in the fires of homeschool. They have vast experience, are knowledgeable in specific areas of learning, learning styles, legal issues and a variety of other aspects. They KNOW what it’s like and are ready and willing to impart their wisdom to you.


Getting back to the curriculum. These conventions offer you a chance to put your hands on product, thumb through and see how they look, feel, and what they offer. You also have the vendor’s who know first hand what the product does, how it was designed to be used and how you can change it up to meet the needs of your family. You can get demo’s, ask questions and even buy products at some great prices.

Then there is the chance to be surrounded by other homeschoolers. In every conference you attend you are sitting next to another homeschool parent. Every booth you stand in, perusing workbooks you are standing next to a mom doing the same. If you are brave enough, strong enough and willing enough you can say, “Hi, I’m…” strike up a conversation and who knows perhaps that mom lives just down the block.

Even if she lives across the country, you can share Facebook pages, twitter handles and other connection opportunities and suddenly your homeschool connection has grown. That is how one connection leads to another and another and another.

So are you ready to reach outside your homeschool and make connections with other moms, children and families? Are you ready to take that step of faith to find support for yourself?



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