Homeschool Photo Day 2015-2016

Homeschool Photo Day 2015-2016 at Great Peace Academy

It’s amazing how much a child can change in one year! Jonathan turns 12 this year as we start our 7th grade year. There is so many things that have changed in our life and I’m amazed at the incredible young man he is growing in to. He is so tall! I wasn’t ready for him to grow almost eye to eye with me, but he’s almost there. I also wasn’t prepared for the transition to the men’s department at the store.

Rant: Ok, Why is it that for girls you go from infant, to toddler clothes, to girls clothing to juniors, then women’s, while for boys you go from boys to men’s department. What happened to junior boys? My nearly 12 year old is NOT yet a man! End Rant.

Great Peace Academy Homeschool Photo Day 2015.2016

This year he is obsessed with Minecraft! We are still using single player sign in only, I’m just not ready for anything else for him, although I am looking into the homeschooler server. I’m amazed at how creatively talented he is with his builds, although I shouldn’t be, he’s been drawing buildings for years, so transitioning to digital building just makes sense. 

His favorite subject remains math, however I am seeing a huge curiosity emerge about building landmarks around the globe. He’s doing his own research on some of those things. So I will be figuring out how to expand upon that. Be sure to take a look at our homeschool curriculum for the new year and how I’ve updated the classroom for my now 7th Grader.


Renée at Great Peace Academy




2 Replies to “Homeschool Photo Day 2015-2016

  1. Hi Renee! I can’t believe how much Jonathan has grown in just a few short months! Please tell him that we said hello.

    I was reading this article and I noticed you said that he likes minecraft – Miss V does too! I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but Youth Digital has a class where they can learn all about Java & coding by manipulating the source code in Minecraft & it is V’s favorite extra curricular right now. :).

    1. Hiya Elsa,

      Yes I am amazed at how quickly he is growing up.
      I have a whole list of Minecraft related things to look into, but, as of now, time has been so limited. I always pre-approve any digital options before he get’s to play, so I need to bump Youth Digital up on the Minecrafting list. Thanks for letting me know it’s Miss V approved!

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