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What To Do for Winter Blues

Are you sitting there in your homeschool looking around at the children thinking that everyone looks bored? In fact, are you bored? Maybe bored isn’t the right word. Maybe what you are feeling is the winter time drudgery.

It’s that time of year when it’s cold outside and outdoor activities are limited. Your hitting the books hard because you are home all the time, but everyone, especially you, is feeling just blah! 
You need a pick me up. 

I know how you feel. Our state of Ohio continues to be shrouded in this polar vortex. We have about 6 inches of snow here with high winds and drifts that can get up to a couple of feet deep. The temperatures are bitter cold hovering around the single digits to low teens, even dropping to just below zero and with wind chill it’s very very cold.

Today I’m going to share some homeschool pick me ups that might just be what you need to lift spirits around the house.

3 Tips for a Winter Time Pick Me Up

  • Take a break. I know winter is the best times to hit the books hard, but when your feeling blah, you need a break, so take one. Take a day off of school and spend it playing board games with your kids. Make popcorn, some cookies, and spend the day laughing and giggling with your children.
  • Celebrate a non-holiday day. Choose a day on the calendar, an unexpected day, and call it a holiday. Pssst, they do this in public school too! Like Pajama Day and 100th Day of School Day, you decide what it’s going to be, make up the rules and start holding your very own homeschool holiday. Better yet, make it an annual tradition.
  • Switch it Up. Call your best homeschool mom friend and ask her if her kids can come to your school for the day. Ask also if you can rotate with her next week to do the same. It will be exciting for your kids to have more classmates in the school. This gives your friend a day off this week and you a day off next week. (Oh be sure to pack up their lesson plans for the day, it’s a school day afterall).
  • Attend the online iHomeschool Studio event.     A 4 day webinar with some fantastic speakers. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, so watch for updates.

 These are just a couple of tips for your consideration. The idea is to think outside the planner and make a small change to help you get through the cold, dreary winter. 

Stop in and visit my friend from iHomeschool Network to see what else you can do for


What do you do to survive the long winter months in your homeschool?


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