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Homeschooling Mamas are inundated with information. From the time we first mention to our friends that we are considering homeschooling they begin to send us links, catalogs and invitation to groups. All of which is, supposedly, to help us find homeschool solutions. But, weeding through all the data can leave one feeling like they have information overload.

Homeschool Solutions for Worried Moms | #ihsnet #homeschool

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How is a mom to choose what is relevant to her, and what is not relevant? It’s not easy to weed through the wealth of materials and resources to find what is relevant to each individual. I’ve gathered together a listing of some of my favorite resources to share with you. These are some of the best of the best that have helped me to be prepared, to encourage, guide and some I’ve been privileged to be a part of.

How to Homeschool Legal Solutions

For me the first step to homeschooling is to learn about the legal requirements. Every state is different so narrowing down what legal rights you have will start with some research in your own state. There are several resources to help you do that. 

  1. HSLDA
    The most common go to for all things legal in homeschooling is Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They are a legal advocacy group of attorneys representing the legal interest of homeschoolers nationwide. And, they serve as legal aid for their members.
  2. State & Local Organizations 
    Find a listing of support organization listed by state.
  3. Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory
    Up until recently I was homeschooling in Ohio for 7 years. While there I wrote Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory. It is now availble via Amazon for Kindle and print version in paperback.Ohio Homeschooling Guide & Directory |

Solution for Homeschool Methods

Once you understand homeschooling legalities it is a good idea to have a general knowledge of the various methods of education. Having an idea of what you feel to be the right approach to learning will serve as a general guide for how you approach teaching, as well as the resources you might use in your homeschool 

Making Sense of Homeschool Methods

My post The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Education Methods will help you to have a general idea of what methods are typically utilized in homeschool. 

Solutions for Homeschool Teachers

Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas is filled to the brim with homeschool solutions with over 100 homeschooling topics written by 55 homeschooling moms, including me. You won’t regret purchasing this book. You will be inspired, encouraged, and refreshed.

When you read topics like: How to Homeschool, Ages in Stages with a breakdown of tips and ideas for each stage, Learning Resources for every area of learning, and How to Manage Life from budgeting, frugality and meal planning to homesteading, large family solutions and marriage encouragement.

 More Homeschool Solutions

10 Additional Resources for Homeschool Solutions

  1. iHomeschool Network  
    Be sure to take a look at the shop, there are awesome and affordable resources! Including iHomeschool University, a self-paced ecourse designed with expert advice designed to walk you through step-by-step how to homeschool.  
  2. 25 Resources for Homeschooling for Free 
    This is one of my most visited posts. We all are looking for ways to save and you can’t save more than free. I’ve shared a list of 25 resources that will help you to homeschool for free.
  3.  Ultimate Guide to Free Unit Studies
    Discover what unit studies are, how to implement them, the pros and cons of choosing this type of lesson, and 50 resources for finding free units to study in your homeschool.
  4. Curriculum Choice 
    A veteran group of homeschool moms who are seeking to provide you with a ready resource for answers for your curriculum questions with reviews, tips or usage, and ideas or managing your homeschool routine.
  5. Hip Homeschool Moms 
    A place to connect with other homeschoolers with solutions or organizational ideas, fast recipes, and encouragement on bad days. They offer direct support through their Facebook group, so be sure to join that!
  6. The Homeschool Post
    Find encouraging homeschool advice from moms (and dads) who are in the trenches with you. They share tips, ideas and the realities of the homeschooling experience, often from first person perspectives.
  7. Homeschool Encouragement 
    Amy is doing just that, offering encouragement from one homeschool mom ‘s heart to your heart for both your homeschooling and family life.
  8. Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool PlusI
    f you are looking for quality content, printables, how-tos and excellent walk-throughs for unit studies. 
  9. Free Homeschool Deals 
    Do you want a good deal? This is the place to go!
  10. 10 Homeschooling Words you Need to Understand
    Feeling lost? Sometimes when you enter the world of homeschooling and discover the various words being used you can feel lost and confused. I’m breaking down the words you need to knwo so you understand what someone means when they say, de-schooling, or unschooling or perhaps even assessment.

I hope that you’ll find the solutions to be helpful to you in your life as you work to ensure your children are recieving appropriate education. It’s not easy. It’s a heavy responsibility. But, I believe there is no better way for a child to learn and grow that beside their mamas. Afterall, there is no one who loves them more than mom and dad, so that will mean youw ill work hard to ensure they are getting what they need to lead productive, successful lives.

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