Homeschool Student Photo Day

The iHN Not Back to School Student Photo Hop

Every year as students all across this country head back to school the school administration schedules a student photo day. I remember this day when I was in school it was almost like a right of passage. Too often homeschoolers overlook this important day and opt for birthday photo’s instead.

I’m joining with my friends at this month for the Not Back to School Hop.
This weeks Hop is the . We are sharing our student photo’s. Would you like to join us? Just hop on over and add your link.
At Great Peace Academy we have 1 student. He’s an only child and much prefers it that way. This year will be his 5th Grade year and he will soon be turning 10.  He enjoys playing video games, drawing, music and his favorite subject is math.

Jonathan Brown
5th Grade
Favorite Subjects: Science & Math

Mom: “What are you most looking forward to learning about this year?”

Jonathan: “Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day!”

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