Middle School Selections for Homeschooling 8th Grade

I can’t believe my son is turning 13 this week!

This summer I purposed to sit down and make some tough decisions about moving forward with homeschool. With homeschooling 8th grade year upon us and realizing that he already has a couple of high school credits under his educational belt, (math), I know that decisions made now will be foundational to where he is in 2 or 3 years and whether he will be ready to tackle some tougher college leveled credits.

Middle School Selections for Homeschooling 8th Grade | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

So with that, I’ve struggled to make decisions about his curriculum. But, I’ve finally settled on this list and I feel pretty good about it. 

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Homeschooling 8th Grade Curriculum

Bible History 

Homeschooling 8th Grade Bible History | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

Bible Study Guide for All Ages: From the Divided Kingdom to Restoration. We’ve used this for years and I have found nothing that so comprehensively teaches an overview of the Bible within our doctrinal belief as this does.

I don’t follow the plan as it’s laid out by the company. Instead, I follow this chronological guide that my friend Chelli at The Planted Trees put together.

I also know that some would consider these pages to be too simple for 8th grade, however, we still use them as a springboard for deeper learning, and the graphics work almost as a notebooking type journal prompting memory in my son. 

Bible Copy Work


This summer I added Journibles to my son’s devotional time. He wrote the entire books of Philippians and James. This school year he will be doing the book of Romans.

American Civics & Government

Notgrass Uncle Sam & You with Literature Companion Set

Notgrass Uncle Sam & You explores American civis and government. Really, it digs into the American way of life and allows students to research American holidays.

Civitas Card Game from Bright Ideas Press

A card game which explores the different forms of government. It’s geared for ages 10+, and is played similar to the game Uno. 

Language Arts 8th Grade Curriculum

I’m designing our own language arts curriculum and pulling materials from a variety of resources. He’s always been a good reader, and he has a good understanding of grammar. His perfectionists tendencies make writing composition difficult for him. So we are going to do a year of reading intensive. The goal is that when you read good literature you learn the syntax and structure of writing. 

  • Notgrass Uncle Sam & You Literature Companion Set  

A New Find: Excellent Language Arts Using Great Literature | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet #gifted

  • Language Arts The Pursuit of Justice – Kendall Hunt Publishing
    I’m thrilled to have discovered this language arts curriculum for gifted students. It is a literature based curriculum that helps a student to explore all areas of language arts. It’s based upon the American justice system and encourages children to explore what justice is for themselves. Since we will be doing the Notgrass’ Uncle Sam & You Civics & Government this serves as a great companion.





  • Khan Academy: Algebra II
    It works for my son. In fact, he’s asked me to stop giving him other math curriculum because Khan just simply works for him. 




  • Foreign Language
    • Koine Greek – Mango Languages We’re using our library resources to login for FREE. I really like that they have a Google Play app he can do his lessons on the go when need be. It’s also available at iTunes.
  • Music
    • Piano Lessons – We’ve found a local teacher so he’ll be continuing his piano lessons.
    • Music History Study – Throughout the year I’m going to pull from various composers studies using these Music in Homeschool Resources.

I’ll be using FREE Notebooking Pages for Art & Music from Notebooking Pages.


Notebooking Pages Free Resources
  • Art
  • P.E.
    I’m still waiting on confirmation, but at this time our plan is to begin fencing lessons at a local fencing club.
  • STEM 
    • This year he’ll continue to learn coding on Khan Academy, and Code.org.
    • First LEGO League and with that he’ll learn programming and robotics, but also includes a research project which I’m thankful for because I’m hoping the team work there will boost his writing skills.
    • He’ll be studying CAD this year using Tinkercad.com
    • I’m adding keyboarding back in as well, because I’ve noticed he’s picked up some bad typing habits. 

One thing is clear to me. It’s time to tackle the struggle we’ve had in getting composition under control. As we move forward I know that reports will become more necessary. I know that term papers will be requirements and research will be a part of his near future education. So this is they year where, like it or not, we are just going to dive full-on into composition work. 

I’m actually looking forward to this year. I’m fully aware of how quickly he’s growing up and while I’m thrilled that he has become a very good independent learner, I am looking forward to coming beside him once again and working with him to figure out writing composition.

So how about you? What are your choices for the coming year? How many kids are you teaching and what grades. I’d love to hear what you’re doing this year.

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16 Replies to “Middle School Selections for Homeschooling 8th Grade

  1. We are using Apologia for the first time this year – and loving it so far! Although, I think I underestimated the textbook aspect of it, we are pretty relaxed 🙂

    1. Yes, its a great curriculum, but it id a cross between traditional text book learning, and journaling, coupled with a lot of hands on work. So it’s kind of the best of both worlds, in my opinion. I’m more relaxed too, yet as my son has gotten older I find we are leaning more toward traditional. But, I still choose options that are unit study type materials so they fit together, like Uncle Sam & You, their literature units, and the Pursuit of Justice. It all just makes sense to me, at least in my own mind. 😉

    1. I agree! It’s something I too struggle with so I am hoping to pick up some pointers myself. I also am liking the Bible-Based Writing Lessons from EIW because it also teaches Bible note-taking and outlining skills.

  2. Great choices!! Thank you for sharing them. It gives me ideas for my similar aged child. I am teaching three kids in grades 7th, 4th, and 3rd. I’ll only list what my 7th grader is doing since she’s close in age to your son.

    7th grader:
    Reading: reading classic literature and writing an essay after each book (might be a character comparison or a summary of the book or a persuasion piece, etc.)
    Math: Foerster’s Algebra I with accompanying home companion videos by mathwithoutborders.com.
    Bible: several of David Banning’s Get Them Talking books (she finished 4 years of Bible study Guide)
    Grammar/poetry/vocabulary: Michael Clay Thompson’s level 5 with IEW Fix-its thrown in
    History/Social Studies: Homeschool in the Woods (currently working through the election lap pak), CNN student news (1 current event paragraph every two weeks)
    Science: Apologia physical science with an accompanying co-op class
    Foreign language: BJU Spanish I with an accompanying co-op class
    Writing: Writing with Skill level 3
    Art: advanced portrait painting (co-op)
    Music: Piano lessons and SQUILT
    Memory work: scripture, poetry, presidents, hymns

    Phew! Makes me tired looking at all of that. Yet, we’re four full weeks into school and she’s doing great!!

    I do have a question for you. I have one quarter left to teach of Bible Study Guide with my boys. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Have you finished a complete 4 year cycle and then started over? I’ve gone around and around in my head about what to do with the boys next. We use the Discovering God’s Way curriculum for bible class so even though they enjoy that, I don’t want to also be doing it at home. I thought about working on all the memory components of Bible Study Guide for the rest of the year after we finish this quarter, but that still leaves me short for next year. I guess I’m just wondering how your son handles going through all the lessons again, if that’s what you are doing. We’ve truly enjoyed this curriculum and like you we feel it’s thorough and well done, especially concerning our beliefs. Any help would be appreciated!!

    1. Very good choices. Isn’t it amazing how uch we can fit into a homeschool day?

      About BSG… I don’t follow the 4 year cycle, since we are doing it in a chronological way. We will finish the advanced level this year. My plan after this is to do the Proverbs from Pryor Convictions Media for late spring and summer. (We continue Bible studies through summer, some math and some fun learning, but not a full school day, or even close to a full week.) I am considering a couple of different options for high school. I may have him do the World Video Bible School, the online school, http://www.wvbs.org/, I’m also considering the home study courses from Apologetics Press, http://apologeticspress.org/homestudycourses.aspx Or, doing a 4 year survey of the Bible, I’m still looking for a good survey, Discovering God’s Way is one that I’m considering.

      1. Thank you for your reply! We also do bible study through the summer but it’s because I try to reinforce that bible study isn’t a school subject, it’s s life subject. We also do reading and for my boys math fact practice during the summer. I love the break too much to do anything more. Ha!!

        I’m familiar with the resources at Apologetics Press but only a little with World Video Bible School. I’ve been keeping those on my radar for high school since my daughter is so close., though.

        I have not looked into the Waldron 3 year course. I’m not even sure I’ve heard of it. What level is it? My boys will be 4th and 5th grades next year. I tried googling it and found what looked like some great studies at CEI books, but I didn’t see one with that name. Though, truthfully, I skimmed pretty quickly.

        Thanks again for your help!!

        1. Oh dear!! I’m sorry about all those typos above! I typed it on my phone first thing this morning, and apparently I didn’t edit as carefully as I thought I did.

          1. Thank you for the link!! I didn’t see any sample pages or an age suggestion listed so I’m not really sure which children I could use the Waldron 3 year course with. However, I don’t live but about an hour or so from the CEI bookstore so I suppose I could always take a trip up to see them personally. I appreciate your suggestions so much!

  3. Update: Our Sunday morning adult Bible class has been using Bob and Sandra Waldron’s History and Geography of the Bible Story, and it is very well done. I’m learning a ton! I think I will strongly consider the 3 year survey of the Bible for my daughter’s high school bible credit. I’m so glad you mentioned these to me! And another neat fact related to this (but not really): A friend from church mentioned that Bob Waldron baptized her. It came up when we were talking about his Bible study material.

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