Homeschooling High School with Tips, Tricks & Resources

Homeschooling high school is perhaps one of the scariest parts of the homeschooling journey. I know it was for me. These are the last few years we have to teach our children and prepare them for their adult lives. But, it’s also a time to really tune in to who your kids are, what are their desires, goals and passions? How can you help them to take their characteristics and guide them into adulthood?

Homeschooling High School with Tips, Tricks & Resources | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #highschool #ihsnet

Homeschooling high school can seem like an impossibility to those of us who went through public school. So much emphasis is placed on high school credits, graduation requirements and even college entrance that sometime true education is lost in the minutiae. 

Education should be about preparing a child, be it a young child or teen, to know how to gain their own knowledge. Perhaps in homeschooling high school we can return to focusing on what matters most, preparing our students for adulthood. 

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That might mean preparing them for college or it might mean preparing them for the job market. It could be that we need to prepare them for both.

Homeschooling High School Resources, Tips, & Curriculum Picks

Homeschooling High School Means Preparing for Adulthood

But we shouldn’t just focus on those two aspects of adulthood. We need to focus on preparing teens for life. 

Soon they’ll be living their own lives and need to know how to manage everything from managing a household to paying their bills. They need to explore their spiritual lives and consider what their future relationships might look like. 

The education of our students in these matters and more, is left up to us, parents when we are homeschooling high school. 

We want to be sure we are giving them every opportunity they may need while also instilling in them good life values. And for those of us who are Christians, we want to help our children learn to know and obey God through Christ. 

From the beginning of homeschooling I have always known my number one goal is to teach my child to know God and to get to heaven. And that remains my ultimate goal. But I know along the way he has to live in this world, be a man in this world, and serve God in this world. 

That means I want him to learn how to be a productive adult. How to successfully navigate college and the job market. And how to be a good provider and protector for his family. 

Along the way I’ve written about homeschooling high school and wanted to gather each of those posts together so you’d be able to find them easier. 

Homeschooling High School is Possible!

Even though my family made the decision a long time ago to homeschool through high school there are still times when I doubt. But, I remind myself that I didn’t think I could homeschool through elementary school either. 

I choose, rather to take it one step at at time, and rely on those who’ve gone before to show me the way. 

Heather has several children two of whom have gone on to ivy league colleges with scholarships. She really encourages me in guiding my son through the high school years by allowing him to explore his own passions while still managing to meet the core requirements of most colleges. 

“As I read other articles about planning for high school, the thing noticeably missing for me is the student’s input. To me, that is one of the most important factors in making a four year plan for your homeschooled high schooler. You cannot make a plan without them being a part of the process.” Heather at Blog, She Wrote

Learn to Homeschool High School By Design

Be sure to see her Homeschool High School by Design eCourse which will walk yout through step-by-step how to prepare your homeschool for the high school process.

Blog, She Wrote

As these high school years dwindle down I still wonder if I’ve done or am doing enough. But, I am pretty sure I am not the only one feeling this way. Am I right?

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Homeschooling High School with Tips, Tricks & Resources