Ohio Homeschooling in the Buckeye State

My family and I lived in Ohio for many years. My husband grew up there, and our son was born there. When it was time for him to begin school, we chose homeschooling.

Ohio is a wonderful state in which to homeschool. The laws are moderate and in recent years there has been concerted effort to make the homeschooling process even easier and more equitable for students.

Ohio Homeschooling in the Buckeye State | Great Peace Living #homeschooling #ohiohomeschooling #homeschool #ihsnet

While home education is legal in all 50 states, homeschooling laws vary from state to state. Each state has it’s own set of governing laws which dictate how a parent who chooses home education is to proceed. 

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Over the years as I’ve blogged about homeschooling and family, I’ve written about homeschooling life in Ohio.

If you are getting started homeschooling and need to know how to get started you can read Ohio Homeschooling Legalities, Notification and Assessments for the basics of how to get started.

For a more in-depth look I’ve written a guide that digs deeper into the process, as well as resources, tips and information that can help take you from a new Ohio Homeschooling with confidence.

Ohio Homeschooling How to Get started | Great Peace Living #homeschooling #ohiohomeschool #ihsnet #homeschoomom

Find wonderful ways to support your homeschooling children through field trips, and co-ops throughout the state.

Ohio Homeschooling Requirements

Build a Portfolio for Homeschool Assessment

Homeschool Co-ops in Ohio

100 Things to See and Do in Ohio

Central Ohio Field Trips for Homeschoolers to Explore

Northwest Ohio Homeschool Field Trips

Northeast Ohio Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Ohio Field Trips – Places to Visit in Southwest Ohio

Places for Homeschoolers to Visit in Southeast Ohio

Booking Across Ohio

Where are you homeschooling? Do you live in the central Ohio region or in one of the four corners?

With the river to the south, and the lake to the north and many miles of forests, parks and trails between you will discover that Ohio has many wonderful opportunities to offer as you teach your children at home.

Learn more about homeschooling and how you can educate your children at home.

Ohio Homeschooling in the Buckeye State

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  1. We’ve homeschooled from the beginning. My oldest 2 will start 7th grade this year, and we have prek/k/grade school as well.

  2. I am a new homeschooling dad and will be teaching my 12 year old son this fall. Looking forward to discovering tips, strategies and general info to help me on this new journey

  3. Renee, are you planning another Homeschooling state by state post and link up again this year? You can email me because I have a couple of questions since I can’t find a contact me page. Thank you!

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