5 Household Chores You Should Do Every Day

I’m not much for deep cleaning on a daily basis. Believe me, I know women who vacuum their house every day. I’m not one of them. In fact, I don’t really see the need to vacuum daily. But there are some household chores that I do think need to be done on a daily basis. 

5 Household Chores You Should Do Every Day~Keeping a home can feel overwhelming. But, with these 5 simple household chores done daily you'll find that it's not that hard to maintain your home.| Renée at Great Peace #householdchores #homemaking #keeperathome #ihsnet

Most chores can be managed by having a regular routine of household chores. But there are a few things that I think are important to do every single day. Unless you are sick or something keeps you outside the house for the majority of the day these simple household chores will help you as you manage to keep your home clean.

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I’m sure by now you are asking, OK, what are these all-important household chores? And, you might be surprised by the answer. They are more simple than you might be thinking. 

5 Simple Household Chores to do Daily

1- Make Your Bed

It might sound like the silliest of things. A lot of people don’t ever make their beds, and if you are one of them you might be wondering why would I list this as a daily chore. There’s a couple of reasons why I believe that this is maybe the most important household chore you can do on a daily basis. 

First, making your bed first thing in the morning sets you off on a day where you’ve accomplished one thing. Some days go sideways. Some days end up being a complete disaster. But, if you’ve started your day by making your bed, you get to climb into a fresh, clean bed at night knowing you accomplished that one thing. 

Second, having the beds made in the household helps to bring order to the day. It looks nice, even if no one but your family sees it your family will know and grow to be comforted by the fact that their safe haven, their bed, is clean and ready for them to climb into it. 

This simple task, done each day, each morning, sets the tone for the day and brings you a bit of comfort each evening as you climb into it for rest. 

Even the Navy Seals believe that bed making is an important household chore to do daily. 

2- Wash Dishes

A kitchen gets cluttered quickly. After all, it’s the place where you make three meals and sometimes two or three snacks every day. It doesn’t take long before a kitchen can go from cluttered to dirty. 

With foodstuffs about and prep work to be done, you can before that a kitchen can become dirty very fast. Which is why I think it’s important to wash dishes every day. 

Now, I’ll also be totally honest here. While I know that it’s important, it’s my biggest struggle. I am not very good at this one. Which is why I have help.

My son is assigned the role of putting the clean dishes away after the dishwasher is finished. This way either myself or my husband can load it after dinner in the evenings. 

It’s an important task for many reasons. First, keeping the dishes clean means you have them prepped, at the ready, for family meal times. 

Second, a clean kitchen should be an integral part of any homemakers, lifestyle. Because as a homemaker we want to ensure the safety and protection of our families. 

If the kitchen isn’t kept clean, you can invite unwanted critters, and bacteria into your home, near your food prep areas which could ultimately make your family members ill. So, the daily household chore of washing the dishes is more than just keeping a clean area for if a friend drops by, it’s about the well-being of every member of your family. 

3- Straighten the Bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens can become cluttered fast. With wet towels, wash cloths, toiletries and even hair, it doesn’t take long before a bathroom can feel grungy. 

But, if you take a few minutes each day to straighten up you’ll find it’s easier to maintain the overall cleanliness of this all important room. 

Each night before going to bed, or after everyone gets dressed in the morning simply put away the things that cause clutter. Straighten up the counter top by the sink. Put hair brushes, and pony holders away in their drawers or wherever you organize them. Do the same with your make-up. Also, hang-up hand towels.

Hang wet towels on towel bars, or fold and hang on the side of the tub. This allows them to air dry and keep musty odors at bay. Plus it looks better than if towels are just piled on the floor. 

Finally, do a quick clean of the toilets. Just grab the brush and cleaner do a quick wash of the bowel using a good quality bowl cleaner. Then, use a few paper towels and an all-purpose spray such as, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, my favorite is the Apple Cider spray to spray and wipe down around the rim. 

That’s it, this is a quick clean each day, not a deep clean like you’ll do once per week. 

4- Take Out the Kitchen Trash

Well, this is really an as-needed basis, but even in our small family it tends to be needful every day.  We have a weekly trash day where all the household trash is collected and taken to the big can, and then to the curb. 

But, to keep the kitchen looking somewhat neat it’s important to take out that kitchen trash on a daily or at least semi-daily basis. But this is totally a task you can train one of your children to do. 

5- Put Dirty Laundry in Baskets

Nothing will make a home look more cluttered than dirty laundry piled high. But containing that laundry in baskets can keep floors, bathrooms, and bedrooms looking neat and tidy. 

Every family is different and perhaps you wash laundry daily. If that’s the case, then no worries here. But if you are like me and prefer to do laundry just 1 or 2 days a week, then keeping your dirty things in baskets can help eliminate the cluttered feel. 

Teach your children to put their dirty clothing inside a basket as they change clothing, or perhaps just before bedtime. This is such a simple chore that even a toddler can do it. 

Important Notes about Daily Homemaking Chores

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My role isn’t that of a maid. I’m a homemaker. I’m the manager of the home. That means, I can assign tasks to the members of my household. 

Thus, I believe every family member should be responsible for making their own bed, each day. Children as young as four can learn to do this task. In fact with a comforter it’s super easy. You can help them starting as soon as they are out of a crib and in a toddler or twin bed so that by the time they are four or five, they’ll be able to do this themselves. 

The earlier you set the routine for them, the more likely they’ll be to follow through. 

The same is true of each of the other daily tasks. You can assign any part of these daily household chores to family members. The goal is to help keep up with the overall order of your household and you get to decide who is best able to serve in each role. 

What about you? What daily household chores do you feel are the most important? Share your thoughts with me. 

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5 Household Chores You Should Do Every Day

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