How I Teach History

When Biblical History Meets World History

We often hear how today’s modern education teaches science from an evolution world view and many people are choosing home education because of it. The subject I was excited to teach in homeschool was and still is, history. History is also taught from an evolution world view, in fact it’s taught so soundly in history that logical argument against the theory is made very difficult. In this post you will find affiliate products that I use to teach history in my homeschool. 

How I Teach History

I believe history began when science began. I believe they are so closely linked they can not be separated. I believe that history (and science) began when God the creator spoke them into existence when He said, “Let there be light.” I believe that happened “In the beginning.” Genesis chapter 1.

That means I don’t believe that history began a billion years ago or that there ever a pre-historic era. I believe that pre-historic is eternity.

So for me teaching history means I begin with the Bible. I use other resources to bring in world history but I use the one resource that I KNOW without a doubt is historically accurate as my spine. From there we are moving forward in history. 

We are currently working through the time of the establishment of the kingdom of Israel. With that we will study the Zhou Dynasty of China, the Phoenicians, the first civilizations in North and south America begin to take shape and European civilization begin to further take shape while the ancient Minoans and Mycenaean civilizations disappear.

I use with Little Man as guide through the study of scripture. It puts the facts of scripture into easy to understand context for children, teaches a full scope of scripture (although not in chronological order) and teaches children how to study the Bible by using memorization, cross-references and word study. My son is as comfortable pulling out his Bible Dictionary and concordance as he is pulling out a regular dictionary.

I use Mystery of History from Bright Ideas Press as a guide through the world history perspective because it also teaches from a Biblical world view, yet, I also pull further information from internet resources.

We camp out in an era for a very long time. It might take a year or 2 to get through 400 years. In fact, I’ve used MOH vol. 1 for 4 1/2 years now, and am still only in Quarter 2. That’s ok with me because I know that when we are finished he will have had a complete look at history from a Biblical worldview.

I’ve recently discovered a free online resource with over 1000 pages of maps and information. I will be exploring this website more fully always being mindful of history as it relates to Biblical history. I’ll weed out if and when necessary to maintain the truth that I plan for my son to learn.

Be sure to hop over to iHN to join my friends this week and see how they teach history in their homeschools.


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