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Maybe you just can’t imagine in all the hustle and bustle of a homeschool convention being able to really connect with your husband. After all a convention is filled with a lot of walking, rushing to and from seminars and then the vendor hall that is filled with wall to wall booths and people.

But you can! Really! I’ve gone to 5 conventions since I began homeschooling, I’ve gone with my husband to 3 of those. What I discovered is that it’s during that time when he is truly tuned in to my role as a homeschool mom. He gets encouragement from other homeschool dads like Kirk Martin, and he sees me through the lens of homeschool educator. 
After the convention I found that he was more willing to listen when I talked about curriculum, he is more willing to give his opinion on what’s working and what’s not and he supported me even more fully in our resolve to provide a home education for our son.

9 Ways to Connect with Husband at Convention

  1. Leave a few love notes for him. While your packing, leave a few strategically placed love notes for him, in pants pockets, his toiletry bag, or in a sock. Let him know how excited you are to spend time alone with him.
  2. Before you get to convention. Sit down together and look at the schedule, work up a rough plan for which seminars you want to attend. I encourage you to ask him to attend some alone, and also choose some that you both will benefit from. (I get overwhelmed in seminars about math, but need to attend them for my son, so having my husband beside me, supporting me brings me much comfort and makes a connection between us.)
  3. The first time you head to the vendor hall, go together. Do a complete walk through together and get familiar with where each vendor is located. Then mark on your map the ones you want to visit. Once you have a plan, decide who is going to which, maybe he’ll tackle the math while you tackle the Language Arts, but you both need to be involved in the process.
  4. OK, this is where trust comes in. Let him go to his list of vendors (without you) and check out curriculum. He will feel encouraged that you trust his opinion and you will have made a connection with your husband because you have allowed him to be a part of the process. 
  5. Leave for Lunch. If at all possible leave the convention center for lunch. Generally the prices inside are more expensive and the food isn’t that great. Instead, go find a place where you can sit down and go over what you’ve learned, listen to his opinion, share your excitement, worry or concerns with him. He will love that you are confiding in him and again you’ll be making those all important connections. 
  6. Be subtle but flirty. When you are in the vendor hall together and maybe at a booth over a stack of books, give him your biggest brightest, I’m in love with you smile. {Tweet This!} Choose your moment wisely, be subtle in how you choose to flirt, but he’s your man and your his woman, make sure he knows that you know that, right there in the middle of homeschool convention
  7. Plan for one night to meet with a couple friends over a early bu nice dinner. Does that sound a little counter intuitive? What this does is gives him a chance for a little male bonding, plus gives you a chance to reconnect with another mom. BUT, it gives both husbands a chance to hear how you as moms talk about homeschool. Then after dinner, head back for comedy night and spend the evening laughing together as a group. When you return home and get together you will share a bond of remembered laughter, and both husbands will join forces in their resolve to support their wives in homeschool. 
  8. Plan for one night for a romantic dinner out, just the 2 of you. This is your time to reconnect as husband and wife. Leave the homeschool stuff behind you and just focus on each other for the evening. 
  9. Hold Hands. Unless you are taking notes, whenever you are together,  hold hands. Whether you are walking through the vendor hall, sitting in a seminar, or just in the car on the way there, hold hands. Remember the excitement of holding a boyfriends hand when you were a teenager? Bring that excitement back into your marriage. 

That’s it. I’ll leave the rest of potential connections up to you and your man. But having him join you at homeschool convention can do wonders for your marriage. Trust his opinion, listen to what he has to say and you will find he is much more willing to be an active part of the process and he’ll support you more readily when you return home.

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What about you? Have you attended a homeschool convention with your husband? What tips do you have for connecting with him over stacks of book? 

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