How to Focus on Family Bonding

In an era where everyone has a smart phone attached to the palm of their hand. And, there are so many activities, and sports, and classes it can seem impossible to find time for family bonding.

But, spending time together focused on each other is essential to building strong family relationships. When your kids are adults do you hope they look back on their childhood and think, my parents were always busy? 

How to Focus on Family Bonding~Prioritizing our family relationships can work to bring peace to a family. And, developing a purposed family bonding time routine is important.  | Renée at Great Peace #familybonding #family #ihsnet

No, we want our kids to look back on their childhood and remember the good times. We want them to know with certainty that they were loved and that family was and still remains a priority. 

But, we have to prioritize our family relationships for that to happen. And, developing a purposed family bonding time routine is important. 

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Get Tips, and Ideas for Family Bonding Time

3 Ways to Focus on Family Bonding Time

1 – Set aside 1 day per week that is non-negotiable.

Maybe it’s one dinner each night at the dinner table. Maybe it’s one night per week for a game or movie. The idea is that at least once each week you tune in and check in with each other. 

2 – Purpose One Big Family Activity per Month

Experience is far more memorable than stuff. That’s why it’s important to create experiences that your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. And, by creating a shared memory siblings will be able to share and reflect upon their stories throughout their lifetimes.

3 – Schedule Time to Check in With Each Family Member

Maybe it’s a mother son date night. Or, perhaps it’s a daddy daughter dinner. Then, again it might just be that mom and dad need a date night of their own. 

What are your family’s favorite ways to bond? How do you foster bonding time? 
Share your ideas, and tips with me and others in the comment section below.

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How to Focus on Family Bonding

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