I Got Mail

From the time I was a little girl I loved to get mail. Where I grew up we didn’t have at home delivery. We had to go to the post office to check for mail. Whenever there was a card or note that was written for me, I was thrilled.

 Over the years that feeling has not diminished. I mean no one likes getting bills in the mail, or even junk mail and I am not the exception to that. But, I love getting mail directed to me.

A few weeks back I joined the Ultimate Blog Party over at 5MinutesforMom.com. With the link up party came opportunities for signing up for giveaways. I signed up for a few. A couple of days later, I was out of town and was only keeping up on messages via my new smart phone, Motorola Atrix HD Jelly Bean, which my Beloved got for me. I was so excited when I saw an email that said I had won $100 for my Pinterest Page link up. But, as tends to be my nature, I was skeptical. So I waited until I got home to read and respond to the email. Once I did, I messaged my paypal information and was stunned when $100 was deposited into my account. I mean, “YES!” was more like my response.

I knew immediately what I wanted to use some of it for. My friend Amanda Hilburn is a great artist. A few weeks ago on one of my Marriage Moments, I posted photo’s (with her permission) of some custom items she has been doing lately. Wise Owls. I knew I wanted one of those. Additionally, she also does custom one of a kind art mugs. I knew I wanted a mug with “Great Peace Academy” on it. So I contacted her, described what I wanted and she took it and ran with it. They arrived in the mail yesterday.

She added such a nice touch,
a handwritten thank you note.
Love love love when I get a package in the mail. 

My Customized Wise Owl with our academy theme scripture: Isaiah 54:13 

Enjoying a good cup of coffee from my customized mug with our home-school academy name artfully displayed on the side. 

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