If You Give a Girl a Vacuum: Being a Keeper

Purposing for Being a Better Keeper

About 6 months ago I listened to a podcast over at Come Fill Your Cup with Erynn Sprouse featuring Erin Wells. Erin is the wife of a preacher and a home-school mom of 4 great kids. The topic for that day was… “Being a Keeper of the Home.”

In this podcast they discussed the topic of the role of a wife and how God instructs us to be keepers of the home. I must say that after listening and then later taking a personal study of the passage in Titus 2, I was quite convicted to do a better job within this area of my own life.

Striving toward being a keeper of the home in a better way. | Great Peace Academy

I knew that God instructed women in the role of homemaker. I was raised in a home where the roles of men and women were clear leaving little doubt that a wife was to love husband, their children and being a keeper, and one who is submissive to her husband.  The thing that convicted me when listening to Erin Wells and Erynn Sprouse was the reason we are to do these things. Look carefully at verse 5 “…so that the word of God may not be blasphemed.”It isn’t to have a clean home, or to be comfortable in our environment, it isn’t to make others think we are perfect or have it all together, it is for God’s glory that His word be not blasphemed.

Oh, how convicted I was on the day that I listened to that podcast. Since that time I have struggled to find a better way of being a keeper of the home. I have made lists, that have gone undone, I have created Life Binders like you see on Pinterest that have gone unused, I have started projects that have gone unfinished. I struggled to find a balance between being a teacher to my son within the home and being a keeper of the home.

I’ve struggled to find balance between doing unto others… and loving my husband and son at home. I’ve struggled to find a way to serve the Lord in areas where I feel He has blessed me with talent and fulfilling the specific role of homemaker. Nothing I have tried has seemed to work. I’ve been praying about it. I’ve been asking him to help me to become better at this role being mindful to ask forgiveness when I have failed in those duties.

This week, I think I may have been led to a couple of possible aids in the journey to being a keeper of the home. One is an e-book titled “28 Days To Timeliness” by my friend Davonne Parks . I plan on writing a review about it next week. It’s available on Amazon for Kindle or at her blog, Davonne Parks, in pdf form.

My issue isn’t as a late person, I’m usually early when I have to be somewhere, what I have learned from her book though is timeliness is about routines. I struggle with routines.

The other tool that has great potential in helping is a new vacuum. I knew that I needed a new vacuum. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a great deal for several months. In the meantime, I’ve had to use my previous vacuum which wasn’t picking up good, by using only the hose attachment, even still it wasn’t doing great. I just did what I could and went on with my day.

Then I was in Target and saw a floor model Bissell on clearance for $89. It’s a 2 in One upright with detachable canister, multi-cyclonic pet vacuum. We have a dog, a black lab to be exact. So after conferring with Beloved, I brought the vacuum home. I soon discovered just how badly the old vacuum did not work. The new one left the carpet looking like new carpet.

The clean carpets spurred me on to greater cleaning and thus some deep cleaning has ensued. If I can adopt some of the lessons learned from Davonne about routines as well as utilize my new vacuum in a more proactive way, then perhaps my goal of  being a keeper of the home in a better way  will soon be within my reach.

I hope that as I continue to strive for a better routine, in which to become a better keeper, that I will share here with you what my daily and weekly routines look like. Feel free to share with me any thing you think might be helpful to me on my journey.

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