My Imperfectly Messy Homeschool Room

 Caution! Learning Happens Here

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I have visions of a perfect homeschool room in my dreams. A lovely space to work and learn and grow. I have visions of an organized space with exactly everything we need for homeschooling success. I dream of perfection. I’ve shared images with you of our space and how it’s the perfect space for a homeschooling family. It is.
But, the reality is our perfect space is an imperfectly messy homeschool room more often than it is clean and organized.

My Imperfectly Messy Homeschool Room, See the clutter, the mess and the reality and why it's OK at

In seven years of homeschooling I we have collected a lot of books, a lot of papers and a lot of material. One thing I know about myself is that I’m not very good at purging, donating or throwing away materials that may serve another purpose in the future. So I keep it.

On top of that, sometimes, well meaning people donate materials to our homeschooling cause. I appreciate the gifts that friends share with me. But sometimes, what is given, isn’t needed. It’s simply more stuff. So I am left with not knowing what to do with doubles or triples of the same material.

With hermit crabs, betta fish, microscopes, books, pencils, papers, pens, scissors, paints, chalks, and more the clutter builds up fast. Add to that an independent worker who wants his space and I tend to overlook clutter in our homeschool room.

Caution Learning is Happening in the Imperfectly Messy Homeschool | Great Peace Academy

You see, learning happens in our imperfectly homeschool room. But it doesn’t just happen there. It happens in our living room, at the dining table, in the kitchen, the bedrooms, the car and even at the grocery. So sometimes, many times, I pick up clutter from elsewhere in the house and drop it in the classroom where it’s supposed to belong.

At the end of a long day, or the end of a week of schooling wherever we happen to be, I don’t always feel up to cleaning every room of the house. So I will pick up books, paper, pencils and supplies which are scattered around the house and I’ll move them to the classroom, and simply walk away.

Occasionally, I find myself getting overwhelmed by the mess and I will spend a day tidying. But it isn’t long until it’s an imperfectly messy homeschool once again. Do you know what? That is OK. Because at the end of the day, week or school year, it won’t matter how clean the room was. What will matter is the time spent learning, the books read, the lessons taught and the bond that is being forged in our family. The clutter will be a forgotten memory but the joy of the homeschooling years will overwhelmingly have a fond loving place in my heart. {Tweet That}

How about you? Is your homeschool room a perfectly lovely place to learn or is it like mine, an imperfectly messy homeschool room where learning is taking place?


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6 Replies to “My Imperfectly Messy Homeschool Room

    1. Thanks Christina, yes, I do try, but it sometimes is easier to not try, if you know what I mean. LOL

  1. I love how your school room is imperfectly messy! We don’t have a room for school, but if we did, I know mine would be very similar to yours. As it is, we’re constantly moving stacks of books and LEGO projects piled on the kitchen counter and table out of the way so we can eat. Learning is gong on here constantly!

    1. YES! That’s the same as it is here, I’m constantly moving piles from one location to another and they get stacked right there in that classroom.

    1. Ah thanks Mary. I’m glad it made you feel better. Life is school and school is life.
      I’ve learned, I can’t do it all or be it all.

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