It’s Church Camp Week

Fun Filled Week at Church Camp

This week Young Man and I are spending the week at church camp. It is a week filled with Bible class, worship, devotionals, fun activities, zip lines, rope climbs, hikes, capture the flag, and many fun-filled days filled with laughter. 

I serve as a Bible class teacher for the 7-9 year olds. This will be Young Man’s first year going to a different Bible class, and his first year to stay in a boy cabin without his dad. Beloved isn’t able to go this year. So it’s just me and the boy and all the other staff and campers. 

Church camp fun

I’m sharing pictures of last year at camp. Up top you see Young Man on the Giant Slip N Bubble Slide. Beloved and Young Man at the Talent show, I have no idea what they were doing, it was a candy store skit. However, I laughed so very very hard seeing my boy in a rainbow colored mohawk, followed by Beloved in a Groucho Marx mask. I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, that is me dressed as an Oompa Loompa. 

Church camp fun

Every year at camp we have “Flour Wars” a.k.a. Capture the flag. Two teams, Black and Red, and an afternoon with flour bombs. It’s sure to be a good time every year. The winning captain, (a staff member) get’s the honor of mixing “bread dough” over the losing captain’s head, (another staff member.) So. Much. Fun. 

Church camp is the ideal place for growing in faith, fabulous fun, fellowship and of course that ever needed socialization.

Church camp for faith, fun, fellowship and socialization! at Great Peace Academy
Do you and your family go to church camp? Share your story in comments. I’ll be back next week to respond.

Renée at Great Peace Academy

Want to know more about the church camp we attend? You can join us in the fall for Homeschool Family Camp. I’ll be teaching Bible Class again, and leading a moms breakout session.


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