Jaw Dropping Curriculum Sale at Currclick

Currclick is Letting You Pay What You Want!

Yes, you read that right!

This post is has affiliate links. See my full disclosure for full details. Thank you for supporting Great Peace Academy and be sure to check out this amazing, exclusive first of it’s kind sale.

It’s every homeschool moms dream. Have you ever been looking at a unit study or lapbook that you would love to have but think to yourself, ‘I wish it cost $_____, I could buy it if it cost that.” Well that is exactly what Currclick is offering you in their exclusive Pay What You Want Sale.

Currclick carries over 4,000 titles and for this weekend only you can select the items you want and Pay What You Want. Head on over to their homepage, peruse their selection, select what you want, then Pay What You Want. It’s that simple.

No other homeschool curriculum site has done anything like this before.

Starting at 10:00 a.m. Today, Friday July 26th through July 29th select your product, (excludes Live Classes) from publishers such as Geography Matters, Hands of a Child, A Journey Through Learning, Math Mammoth and much more! They have Unit Studies, Lap books and Geography, English, Math, Languages and on and on. You Do Not want to miss this one!

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