Keeping a Well Stocked Pantry

Having a Ready Supply for Meal Flexibility

Since I’m talking about meal planning and stocked pantry cooking.  I want to share with you one of my favorite cookbooks. It’s “Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.” Since I’m also an affiliate marketer, I am sharing links to the book below. If you are interested you can purchase the book at the linked site. Thanks for supporting Great Peace Academy as I help support my family. 

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I love to cook, I love the how I’m feeling through food. I love providing satisfying meals but I don’t like being held down by a pre-formulated plan. I mean what if the plan says meatloaf, but I’m just not feeling like making a meatloaf? That’s why I plan the day of maybe the day before. Having the supplies I need allow me the flexibility to cook whatever comes to mind the day of. That does mean though, I have to be flexible and be willing to use only what is on hand.

I am great at stretching a pantry to it’s maximum potential. I learned from my mom how to stretch a pantry. She says “Even if I only had a little flour, oil and water, I could make a meal.” You see she learned very early in life how to make gravy and biscuits. She prefers milk for her biscuits to water, but if she had to she could make gravy and biscuits from reserved bacon grease, flour and water. Now, that’s stretching a pantry as far as possible.

I want to share with you my basic supply list for keeping a well stocked kitchen which includes the pantry, fridge and freezer. I believe that if you have a kitchen that is well supplied with basics, then having a weekly or monthly meal plan is unnecessary. You know some of the top chefs in the country plan their menus based on what is available.

Stock the Basics and Keep them supplied.

Meal planning via Great Peace Academy

Having the basics in your pantry means you can make a meal quick and easy. Keeping those supplies also means you don’t have to buy prepackaged meals because you have the needed items on hand, with a little prep most pre-packaged meals can be made from scratch with

Each person needs to tailor their pantry to reflect what their family eats, that being said, to save at the grocery store, consider whether you can learn to make certain convenience items from scratch.

Here is a list of the items that I like to keep on hand.

Kitchen Pantry supply list

As you can see I try to keep a ready supply on hand. When my cabinets and cold storage options are full I could if needed feed my family for about 3 months. I prefer to shop about every six weeks to replenish perishables and buy sale items to stock up with but I even freeze a lot of those, dairy especially. This freezing tips post will give you some more ideas for what you can freeze.

Got Questions? Feel free to ask.

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