Kid Eye View of Homeschool

From Little Man’s Perspective

Give the kids your camera for a day… That was the idea, to see what homeschooling is like from a kids perspective. 

Kids Eye View of Homeschool

Little Man’s Day Behind the lens was  a busy day for us. We got up early and drove dad to work then went to an art class on the other side of the city. It was a later than usual day for us and while reading “The Secret Garden” he snapped a picture of our dog, Martha. 

From the Eye of the Child

Early morning, not my best shot, but hey,it’s about his perspective and not mine.

In the art class, the kids painted a fish, this is Little Man’s work in progress.

Martha must have found something tasty while we were reading literature.

Little Man takes pictures often, but he finds much humor in making a photo shaky or blurry, so they aren’t very usable images. I think his perspective here is interesting. Because it’s not necessarily the books that he focuses on so much as who/what is around him. 

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