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So after Saturday’s , I received several requests for more information about what the LEGO challenges were for our homeschool group class last week.

With all of the research I have been doing for the on Thursday, I have found some great products. I’m sharing those products below using affiliate links so that if you find them of value to your family you can purchase them. 

I had planned 3 LEGO challenges but in the end we only had time for 2.

Challenge #1

Team Challenge

  • Set a bag of LEGO® elements on each table. (We divided our 18 students into 3 tables with 6 students at each table.) 
  • At go, the teams are to build a pre-determined challenge with each table having a different challenge.
  • Teams are given 15 minutes to build.
  • Rules are EVERY student contributes to the build.
  • After the building time is up. Each team shows their build to the other teams who have to try and determine what the challenge was.

Challenge #2

Individual Challenge

  • From an assortment of pieces let each student choose only 15 elements.
  • Students are given 10 minutes to build whatever they can imagine.
  • Students then do show & tell explaining their build.

 Challenge #3

Speed Build

This challenge I got from Mary Prather at Homegrown Learners. You can find this challenge on her post: , where you will also find a LEGO® class download.
Additional LEGO® challenges may be found at The Pleasantest Things post LEGO® Party Games.

What kinds of challenge activities have you used with your kids, co-op or for parties?


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2 Replies to “LEGO Challenges

  1. HI! I attended the Lego seminar last Thursday. Thank you so much for compiling all the great ideas. We’ve done a lot with Legos in our homeschool and co-op, but a few of your ideas were new to me (coordinate graphing) and good reminders (building models for science/history). 😉

    We studied the history of the company awhile ago and a great video to watch is The Lego Story on YouTube… I thought you’d like the link for your son if you haven’t seen it yet.

    Today my son built the water cycle for science. You can view pictures on my blog:

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and for letting me know where you found me. I really enjoyed doing that seminar! I’m glad that you found some things beneficial. I LOVE your water cycle with LEGO and even pinned it to my Learning with LEGO Pinterest board! What a great idea!

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