How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals

Do your kids love LEGO Bricks? Most do, or at least they dabble in brick building from time to time.  Do you ever buy old sets of *LEGO® Bricks and realize the LEGO instruction manuals are missing? Or, maybe someone passed off a bin of bricks and there are several really cool parts that you aren’t sure what your kids can do with them. Did you know that you can find a variety of instruction manuals and brick designs online?

How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals |

Or have you considered joining a custom instruction club? I only recently learned about such clubs where members post or review instructions written by other members. If you want to allow your kids (or yourself) to step outside of the box and be challenged, or simply explore new ways of building, then perhaps a club is right for you.

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How to Find LEGO Instruction Manuals |

Resources for Finding LEGO Instruction Manuals

Of course the first place to check for replacing missing instruction booklets is for currently sold models.

  1. Brick Builder  – YouTube Channel for Builds
  2. Brick Instructions explore their extensive database of LEGO Instructions from 1967 to 2016, or search by categories.
  3. Brick Builders A custom instructions club, paid subscription.
  4. Brick Search through Instructions by theme.
  5. Brick Owl has custom instructions for sale.
  6. Building Examples provides free downloads via pdf of instructions.
  7. Daikon Cat Build Together has free downloadable instructions.
  8. Let’s Build it Again complete step-by-step printable instructions by sets.
  9. Lions Gate Models has both Paid and Free Downloadable instructions.
  10. The Unique Brick  has instructions for sale.

 Apps for LEGO Brick Building Instructions




Want to Design your Own Builds? — Just use this Digital Designer free Download from


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