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LEGO® Learning with Play Bricks

LEGO® Bricks fill the imagination with automobiles, cities, space ships and more and they help to bring stories to life. Whether you have little ones using DUPLO Bricks or older ones using LEGO® Bricks you can incorporate these simple toys into hands-on learning aids. You’ll soon discover that LEGO® Learning comes naturally and is easy to incorporate in your homeschool.

Imaginary Play leads to lifetime of learning with LEGO Bricks. | Great Peace Academy

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LEGO® Fun Facts:

  • LEGO® Bricks were invented in 1949.
  • Olaf Christiansen was a furniture maker before changing careers to be a toy producer. 
  • These bricks were invented in Denmark and are still manufactured there today. 
  • The original LEGO® Brick has only had one re-design. In 1958 the hollow friction backs were added to create a stronger bond of friction between two connected bricks. 
  • The world’s tallest LEGO® Tower is 100.919 feet  tall.

Utilizing LEGO® Bricks in Homeschool

Most children love LEGO® Bricks. This toy which is so simple in its concept can produce amazing structures which teach both physics, engineering, art and so much more. You can even utilize these bricks for even the simplest of instruction. 

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What are some ways that you incorporate LEGO® Bricks into homeschool learning? Share your ideas in the comments below so others can benefit from your successes.





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